Poldark Returns: What To Expect This Season

Poldark, the series based on the historical novels by Winston Graham, has retuned to our screens. Here’s a lowdown on what to expect.

How Did The Last Season End?

With a bit of a bang. Ross spent the night with Elizabeth, much to his wife Demelza’s dismay.

Will their marriage survive his betrayal?

Elizabeth, perhaps hoping that the tryst would reignite old passions, and mark the start of their future together is disappointed when Ross fails to visit again.

Her concern grows when she finds out she is pregnant, though her oblivious husband and Ross’s arch rival, George Warleggan, is thrilled.

Elsewhere, Dr. Enys enlists in the navy in order to forget Caroline after a failed elopement.

Will these star-crossed lovers ever be allowed to settle down?

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So What Now?

So far we’ve seen Elizabeth have her baby and lots of pointed comments, mainly from the worldly Aunt Agatha, about his dark hair and being ‘so unlike’ his half brother.

While we don’t know for sure that it’s Ross’s child, if it ever comes out that there’s even the possibility, we reckon the family feud could escalate to full-on war.

Dr. Enys and Caroline finally got married, in front of just Ross and Demelza, but he has to go to France with the Navy shortly after.

It’s soon reported that he’s missing, presumed dead, after the ship he was on sunk.

Ross heads to France to see if he can locate or get any more information about his old friend.


Any More Topless Scything?

Nope, none of that and it’s been ruled out by Aidan Turner, the actor who plays Ross.


Things To Watch Out For?

Elizabeth’s possible descent into addiction after seeing George, in his new role as magistrate, let off a wealthy gentleman accused of assaulting a servant girl.

Seeing the ugliness that she has married into, she does her utmost to block her circumstances out.

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Who’s New?

Demelza’s brothers, Drake and Sam Carne, have come to live with her after the death of their father.

These humble, pious young chaps have already caused a stir with their over zealous singing in church.

Not deterred, Demelza has gifted them one of Ross’s old store sheds to use for worshipping.

Meanwhile, young love is blossoming between Drake and Morwenna Chynoweth, Elizabeth’s cousin and Geoffrey Charles’s new governor.

Will it be happily ever after for these two?

We doubt is, as they are increasingly caught up, through no fault of their own, in the crossfire of the feud between the Warleggans and the Poldarks.

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Anything Else?

Heida Reed, the Icelandic actress who plays Elizabeth Warleggan in the series, is great to follow on Instagram if you can’t get enough of Poldark.

She regularly posts updates and behind-the-scenes photos from filming, and lots of other stuff too.

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