Political Leader’s Eyewear Picks

Political leaders are mostly known for their speeches. They are the guardians of countries and their goal is to be good managers and impose authority in the interest of their nations. When we were kids, we tended to see them as the “guys in suits” dealing with important problems for mature people.

Now, they are role models in terms of attitude, charisma, power and, of course, style. Although during their formal meetings they can’t wear sunglasses or cool jeans, political leaders will always love a day off from office. Here are the world’s top leaders, and their eyewear of choice.

Vladimir Putin: Russia

Let’s take a look at Mr. Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President.

He is widely seen as one of the most powerful political figures of the last 50 years. Well-known for his appetite for fitness, Putin is no stranger of sunglasses as his attire always reminds us of the Russian spies from Bond movies.

In this picture, we can see him wearing a pair of sunglasses which are very similar to the Ray-Ban RB3547N model. Wearing them won’t make you as cool as Mr. Putin, but you’re not far behind.

Theresa May: United Kingdom

Love how PM can transform her style just like that! On a sunny stroll w/her husband Phil! #iconic #theresamay #primeminister #uk

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Theresa May is one of the most appreciated female politicians. She is seen as the new Margaret Thatcher as British people trust her in terms of the upcoming Brexit process.

When it comes to style, Mrs. May has always been a fashion addict as she confirmed this at the 2016 Women in the World Summit: I like clothes and I like shoes. You can have a career and like clothes.

A few months ago, while enjoying summer holidays in the Swiss Alps with her husband Phil, the British Prime-Minister showed she is not a stranger of classy sunglasses as well.

Her choice is a look-a-like Chloe CE687S and the Cat-eye look fits the proud resident from 10 Downing Street. Good job, guv’nor.


François Hollande: France

If you want to say goodbye to Mrs. May, take the Eurostar from London and you can be in Paris in less than three hours.

You can meet and enjoy the presence of Francois Hollande, the current President of France. Although he is not the target of the paparazzi, the political leader has always been defined by his black suit and his pair of glasses.

If you want to take a selfie with Mr. Hollande and appear as his twin brother, choose the Sigma BL8023. It’s only £39 and suitable for Single Vision lenses. Magnifique!

Barack Obama: USA

🔥🔥🔥 #oliverpeoples #shades #obama #stayobammy #オバマ

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He left office in January 2017, but Barack Obama is the exponent of the charismatic political leader.

The American politician has reshaped the image of American Presidency by being a true role model and a class act. Obama’s style cannot be doubted and he always knew how to adapt from a formal visit to China to a social event.

In this picture, we can see how he enjoys some time off at a baseball game. He rocks wearing this Oliver Peoples model which is similar in design with the Solo Collection W35. Yes, he can be a fashion star!



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