Pope Francis Pops to the Opticians for a Reglaze!


Pope Francis always draws huge crowds no matter where he goes, but on Thursday 3rd September he attracted them for an entirely different reason.

He popped out of the Vatican to try on some new glasses whilst visiting an opticians outside of the city, still wearing all his holy gear too.

The event inevitably gathered large crowds outside of the shop who wanted to catch a glimpse of him in a situation we’ve never seen in him before.  Supposedly the opticians always delivers glasses direct to the Vatican and wasn’t expecting his visit, but Pope Francis insisted on nipping out and trying on a few spectacles himself.


Image from fan’s Instagram

The shop owners said after his visit the Pope tried on a few different models before settling on the option of a reglaze; which fits his previous glasses with new lenses.

Accompanied by an assistant, a bodyguard and several police officers we could have saved him the hassle with our reglaze service, starting from £25!  But still, who can blame him when he’s previously spoken about his regret of being unable to walk the streets of Rome freely to go get a pizza – we feel his pain.

If, like Pope Francis, you can’t decide on any new frames but like your old glasses, then don’t fear; you can simply get these glasses fitted with a new prescription.  For more information about a reglaze service see here.

Now, we’re left wondering where exactly did he park his pope-mobile?

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