Porsche Eyewear for Winter 2014

When you think of Porsche, you think of engineered luxury both in cars and in fashion. The new Porsche design eyewear collection has been released for the winter 2014 season. The new collection is a work of art, with strong and structured pieces that ooze sophistication for both the modern man and woman. Take a look at the video below which features the products from the Porsche collection. Look out for the interchangeable side shield that attaches to sunglasses which conveys just how innovative Porsche eyewear is.

With the latest release from Porsche, take a look at the previous collection available from SelectSpecs now. Each piece is crafted with practicality and style in mind. Here are just a few of my favourite frames

Porsche P8486 Folding Frame

P8486 Porsche Folding FrameThis frame has an imaginative unique selling point, in that  it folds down the centre.  Yes thats right…the glasses fold in half for easy storage without snapping the frame. This demonstrates the genius behind Porsche designs and its ability to create simple yet inventive quirks to their frames. The wide aviator shape of the frame gives a timeless ‘Top Gun’ look that oozes cool and contemporary. The thin metal arms give a subtle look to the glasses that compliments the dramatic shape and style. To pick up these stylish aviators just click here now!

Porsche P8576


These gorgeous frames feature a studded top detail that brings an industrial feel to the glasses. The blue mirrored lenses give a lighter feel than traditional black lens sunglasses. The shape of the glasses is a mix of square with rounded corners, this makes for an interesting combination that is edgy and unique. At a price of £226.80, these frames are an investment, however, they will last a lifetime and see you through all year round. If you want to step out in style in these classic Porsche design glasses click here now.

Porsche P8261


These suave glasses come in a beautiful dark red colour that will compliment any skin tone. The round shape of the frames is a classic and gives a vintage yet still updated look.  The side of the arms feature a black Porsche design embellishment to show off the elusive brand and make your friends totally jealous. At a price of £249.90 these frames are pricy yet worth it, the craftsmanship that has gone into these frames will mean that they will last a lifetime and the classic colour and round shape ensures that they will never go out of fashion. To grab these wonderful glasses click here.

In conclusion, Porsche is a world renowned brand that focuses on innovation and creativity. From the new winter 2014 collection to all of their previous pieces, Porsche design is iconic and will create beautiful eyewear for generations to come.

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