Porsche: Timeless Grandeur

What is your favourite model of Porsche? No, I have not sneaked into the wrong section, I am talking about Porsche’s first-class eyewear fashion.

Porsche is not only one of the most iconic car-makers in the world but its design division is considered to be a trend-setter when it comes to fashion, eyewear, sportswear and even handbags. Millions of Porsche sunglasses are sold every year and they are modelled by many celebrities such as Beyoncé or Morgan Freeman.

Porsche’s Design four pillars are passion, precision, performance and purity.

All four qualities could be found in last spring’s collection when they proudly showed their aviator model can still be innovative. They definitely broke the mould with breath-taking unusual frame designs.

Porsche-eyewear-spring 2015


Porsche Design presented its Summer 2015 Collection last week as part of the opening of its new headquarters in the States and all we can say is WOW!

The showcased models were revolutionary, extra-classy and very desirable. If you want to turn heads and look astonishingly charismatic, then, this is your brand!



You might not be able to afford the car but you certainly can make a little extra effort to buy a pair of Porsche sunglasses and look like a glamourous celebrity. I have selected a few very trendy models for you but you can check out on Porsche’s sunglasses stock on our website and choose the ones that suit you best.

Porsche P8613


These unisex stunning Porsche P8613 sunglasses are truly unique and very decorative. You will find them in four different colours but the white frame is definitely my favourite. They are so eye-catching that when wearing them you could go out in your pyjamas and no one would notice!

Porsche P8593


Taking a step further from the classic (and classy) aviator model, the Porsche P8593 is going to be seen a lot this summer. This ground-breaking model for men has been engineered with a super lightweight and strong material which makes it not just a pleasure to be seen with but to wear too.

Porsche P8603


These Porsche P8603 sunglasses for ladies reflect the current trends and style to the perfection without losing the timeless sophistication that distinguishes all products Porsche. They have been designed in four different extraordinary colours and it will be impossible for you NOT to love every one of them.

Porsche P8576


I love this Porsche P8576 pair of sunglasses because they merge perfectly the 70s style with a captivating contemporary look. The materials they are made of are equally contemporary: titanium and polycarbonate glasses with a multilayer anti-reflective coating. They are below £200 so, a bargain for such a distinctively stylish pair!

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