Prescription Goggles For Swimming 101

What are Prescription Goggles? 

Prescription goggles are swimming glasses with fitted lenses worn in the water.

Even though swimming is good for us due to its health benefits, if you wear glasses, then it could be tricky to wear them in water. Swimming in a pool or the sea is an activity enjoyed by many, but it can be frustrating with poor vision.

Wearing contact lenses can be equally tricky, as they have a propensity to become detached from your eyes.

Wearing Goggles 

Have you ever seen anyone wear their glasses in water?

Imagine wearing them during a swimming lesson or during a general swim. As you might know, it is not practical with the rigorous movements of backstrokes, breath strokes or even diving.

The chances of loosing them in the deep blue sea is highly likely. Avoid departing your expensive pair of specs – try a brand new pair of our goggles from our wide selection instead and keep them firmly on your face like the ones below with firm fittings.

For Water Sports

Although goggles do not always give a glamorous impression, the focal point is to be able to be active in the water with the help of sharp vision.

Thanks to our trendy prescription goggles. With them firmly secured to your face, they are particularly ideal for highly intense water sports like surfing, kite surfing, kayaking and more.


The whole idea about wearing goggles in water is about them being functional.

They will protect you from distorted vision and help you see precisely where you are navigating to, and additionally prevent that chlorine based or murky water seeping through to your precious eyes.

Making a Suitable Choice

Goggles come in different shapes and sizes, some are unisex, children’s, women, as well as men’s and some have varying seals.

Your choice will depend on your prescription, face and nose bridge and most of all whether they are for swimming only or for water sports – bearing in mind that water pressure varies.

Get one of our specialists to help you with various measurements and your required fittings.

These selected adjustable goggles will set you up for your swimming session for hours on end and for as little as £18.90.

Types of Goggles

Since swimming is an active and exciting sport, it is essential to choose a comfortable and durable pair that will stay on your face for a while.

  1. Non-prescription goggles are for those with good vision and will have no difficulty with swimming.
  1. Prescription goggles on the other hand are for those with low vision – Short sighted, long-sighted or other eye conditions and ailments.
  1. Tinted goggles will enhance your vision in the open like outdoor swimming pools or the sea to protect your eyes from UV rays.
  1. Children’s goggles worn by children of various ages. Most children enjoy swimming but dislike the stinging from chlorine based water or salty water from the sea and will most likely be disappointed if they experience difficulty with their vision while swimming. They are less tolerant of water seeping through their goggles so one of our good sealant ones will help.

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