Quick Tips To Save Money

It is becoming increasingly harder and harder to save money nowadays. Especially during the summer months, there seem to be so many different events, parties, and holidays to pay for, putting a real strain on your budget.

Whether you are saving for something like a house deposit, or maybe a new handbag, it is essential to find some easy ways to save more of your hard earned cash.

We have compiled together some quick and easy ways to help you save money every day.

Let us know how you get on with them.


1. Start Grocery Shopping Online

If you are like most people, go shopping in a supermarket and you may be tempted to impulse purchase.

As you walk down the aisles, you are more likely to see something that isn’t on your shopping list, and be tempted to put it in your trolley.

If you shop online and simply search for the items you need, then you will be less likely to impulse buy.

2. Make a Meal Plan

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If you don’t already, make a meal plan for all of your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for a week.

Write down everything you need to make these meals, and stick to this list – do not venture off it.

If you just go shopping and chuck stuff into your basket with no clear intention of what it will be used for, it will probably go to waste.

3. Quickly Compare Your Bills/Insurance

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This is incredibly boring, but it is an easy way to save a lot of money VERY quickly.

Go onto one of the many comparison websites, and compare the costs of your home, car, pet and life insurance against other providers.

You may be shocked about how much you could cut the cost of your bills.

Don’t be afraid to phone up your provider and ask for a reduction too.

And don’t let your policies just automatically renew, as they are likely to be put up year on year if you don’t question it.

4. Shop Around For Fashion & Beauty

Perhaps you have a favourite high street or designer shop where you like to get most of your clothes, accessories, and beauty products from.

But, if you shop around a little bit and look online for deals, you could get comparable items at much more affordable prices.

Don’t be afraid to go to budget high street shops too – they may be busy and chaotic, but if you are prepared to get stuck in one you could find some real bargains.

SelectSpecs have some fantastic glasses and sunglasses at bargain prices.

Take the Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses).

These fashion-forward frames feature a classic wayfarer style and a beautiful tortoiseshell print.

And at only £10, they are a real bargain too.

Savannah 8121 - Tortoise (Sunglasses)

Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses)

5. Sell Your Unwanted Possessions

It's your dorm room so why not personalize it with your style? Tap to shop.

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Take a good look around your home and in your wardrobe.

Are there any possessions you own which you could see and make a bit of extra money?

Have a good rummage and you may be surprised at what you find.

Plus, you will clear some space in your home too.

To sell the items use places such as:

  • Online auction sites (eg. eBay)
  • Social networks (eg. Facebook Marketplace)
  • Car Boot Sales
  • Specialist designer websites (eg. Vestiaire Collective)

Looking for more money saving ideas? Check out Barcelona on a budget

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