Ray-Ban’s Versus Oakley’s: Which Brand is Better?

What would be a better choice when it comes to purchasing prescription glasses or a pair of shades? Could it be Ray-Ban or is it Oakley?

The only way to determine it is by getting a pair of each yourself, but don’t worry this won’t be necessary, unless of course you want to.  We’ve got this short comparison of brands along with their backstories first to hopefully ease you the making of final decision and so you’ll know what to expect from both of the brands.


Courtney Cox Wearing Ray-Ban Opticals

It all began with the LUX (Luxottica Group) which has dominated the world of eyewear for quite some time now.  This is an Italian company with a high revenue with billions of satisfied customers from all around the globe.

They managed to turn the once boring market into something competitive and exciting. Their major brands include: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol and Michael Kors eyewear among others.

But this is not all, LUX holds contracts with nearly every brand out there still to this very date, and with over 7,000 retailers all over the world there is a fair chance that you yourself own a piece of their eyewear without even realising it.

The Ray-Ban brand was bought by Luxottica Group in 1999 when they were grasping for straws of survival, which seems unlikely now after LUX successfully redefined the brand into a luxurious accessory as we know it today.

Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses – Pros & Cons

The pros of purchasing a pair of Ray-Ban prescription glasses comes with two nifty things that Oakley doesn’t have. Firstly, it’s the comfort regarding the size of lenses and then there is its timeless design that simply matches each individual’s features. Another cool aspect related to Ray-Ban shades is that you are able to turn almost any pair of sunglasses into a pair of prescription ones.

This is a real treat for all devoted Ray-Ban fans out there because even with dioptre, you get to enjoy rocking your favourite frame.

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer at SelectSpecs

The bad side of their prescription glasses is that they aren’t that cheap, even though they are made in China. Furthermore, if you wear them on a daily basis they may feel heavy on your face, especially if you’re spending a lot of time at work or studying.

Oakley Prescription Glasses – Pros & Cons

Oakley produces prescription glasses by implementing an innovative technology, which are mainly intended for the athletes as well as everyone else who has a thing for sports or spends a lot of time outdoors. They nurture a different design compared to the Ray-Ban that mainly sticks to already proven formulas.


Mark Cavendish wearing Oakley Crosslink

Also, Oakley has just came out to the market with a new technology called True Digital Edge which makes sure that glasses cling to your face, particularly important to sports people, introducing the enhanced formula for improved peripheral vision and side protection.

They also changed the appearance of glasses by reducing the thickness of the lens itself, whilst maintaining the same power to improve your vision. Eyewear with the Oakley signature is made for the most extreme conditions and environments, which is definitely a plus.

Oakley Prescription Glasses

One of the downsides of Oakley eyewear, whether it’s about prescription glasses or sunglasses, is that is not quite a pleasant experience for your pocket. Nevertheless, if you are ready to set aside this amount of money, you’ll realise thatthey’re worth every penny due to its formidable endurance.

Also, not everyone will will be attracted by its sporty design and not every pair of their glasses and sunglasses can go with the everyday look.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which brand is better; we’ve considered them both and there are pros and cons for each of them. What really counts is that you find that unique style that you’re looking for. You’ve probably decided by now which one of them is more “you”.

Regardless it’s a timeless Ray-Ban or always-one-step-ahead Oakley, here you will certainly find that awesome pair that you’ve been searching for.

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