Retro-Inspired Prescription Glasses for Modern Men

When it comes to retro eyewear (and retro fashion in general for that matter), most people automatically think of sassy vintage designs for women. From fifties cat eye frames to over-sized Audrey Hepburn glasses, some of the most popular retro styles around are aimed at female wear. But why should the ladies have all the fun? You may not realise it, but there’s a huge choice of vintage-inspired specs available out there for men too.

Retro-inspired glasses are set to be a big menswear trend for 2016, so if you’re a modern man looking for a sleek style update, keep reading. We’ve got the lowdown on the best vintage eyewear styles available for you.

Classic Browline Glasses

Ray Ban RX6295

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Browline glasses, horn-rimmed glasses…whatever you want to call them, these specs are one of the most popular vintage styles around right now and are perfect for achieving that oh so cool hipster look.

Dating back to the 1950’s, browline glasses are characterised by their thick top frame that sits across the eyebrows. Like all good retro styles, the look went out of fashion for a while after the 1960’s, but saw a ressurgence in popularity when Ray Ban released their now famous Clubmaster glasses. If you’re into this look, you can’t go wrong with the Ray Ban RX6295 glasses in brushed black.

Retro style icon: Malcolm X


Vintage Aviators

Hero 4202

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Aviator shades are a staple of most men’s sunglasses collection and are the epitome of cool retro style (think Tom Cruise in Top Gun), but have you considered aviator frames for your prescription glasses? Aviator glasses combine a strong, masculine look with a vintage vibe that’s easy to wear. They’re sleek, sophisticated and durable, with a strong metal finish and a double bridge design.

Modern men  can get the aviator look with the Hero 4202 glasses. Choose from gold for an authentic retro look or go for gunmetal silver for a more contemporary take on this classic style.

Iconic Thick Rimmed Glasses

Savannah 2444 glasses

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Next up, we’re taking inspiration from fifties style icon, Buddy Holly. The musician was known for his glasses which were somewhat of a trademark, so who better to influence your retro glasses choice?

His famous glasses were a thick-rimmed wayfarer style in bold black which became a truely distinctive look that’s still recognsable. To get this dapper look yourself, check out the Savannah 2444 which feature thick black frames and come in at just £10. This style remains popular today, so is perfect for those who want subtle and easy to wear vintage eyewear.

Retro style icon: Buddy Holly


Retro Round Specs

Smith Optics Maddox

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Back in the day, round glasses were the only style to be seen in and were much more popular than today’s square or rectangular styles, but they dropped out of fashion a little towards the end of the 20th century. However, like all good trends they came back with a vengeance and are now one of the most popular frame shape for those who want to adopt a cool vintage look. This on trend frame is a favourite of many male celebrities today including Tom Fletcher, Niall Horan and Ryan Gosling.

If you want to go retro with round glasses, the Smith Optics Maddox prescription glasses are a great choice. Made from plastic with a simple design, they’re available in a range of colours, from classic havana brown to bold red.

Men’s Metal Frames

Rodenstock R2288

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Finally, we have one of the most iconic retro looks of all time. As we’ve already said, round glasses were the most popular choice for men’s eyewear in the past, but they gained iconic status thanks to music legend John Lennon. His metal-framed round specs define sixties fashion for men. Metal frames are timeless and sophisticated, making them a perfect choice for the modern gentleman. Get the look with the Rodenstock R2288 glasses which feature round metal frames in black metal.

Retro style icon: John Lennon


From bold browlines to sophisticated metal specs, there’s a huge choice of vintage-inspired glasses available for today’s modern man. So men, which retro style are you most likely to rock in 2016? Let us know your favourite retro eyewear look in the comments below.

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