REVO Adds a Sprinkle of Science to their Ski Goggle Collection

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With all the filmic furore that’s surrounding the Eddie the Eagle movie, skiing has been brought back in focus. The film recounts the story of one of Britain’s biggest underdogs, Eddie Edwards, duly famous for being the first ever UK representative to undertake ski jumping. Unfortunately, he went on to finish last in both of the events he took part in.

Besides from this, his glasses are as much a part of his sporting story as he was constantly seen in a plush pair of thin framed gold rimmed specs.  Although he wasn’t a glittering success, his eyewear most definitely scored a 10.

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton star in the upcoming Eddie the Eagle film.

Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton star in the upcoming Eddie the Eagle film.

Yet, you don’t need to train for the Winter Olympics to grab a piece of the powdery action. It seems that we cannot get enough of the white stuff as we jet off to far flung skiing hotspots such as Val D’sere and Courcheval.

Skiing holidays are proving to be one of the most popular jollies for travellers as they seek the slopes and schnapps! Yet, goggles have really come a long way since their inception. When it comes to those downhill pursuits, ski goggles have become one of the hottest luxury accessories to pack.

Why Sky Goggles are Essential

Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder, many search for goggles for a number of different reasons. In the first instance, it provides a much needed barrier of protection in the harshest of conditions.

On the other hand, you’ll be able to enjoy clear vision, which is largely in part due to those all important goggles. So don’t go goggly eyed just yet. Goggles will not only protect your peepers, but your face too.

It might be all fun and games off piste, but plummeting temperatures and a strong wind could cause havoc. In this way, it is absolutely essential that you purchase a pair of goggles to prevent harmful issues occurring.

Who are REVO?

One of the leading brands on the market is none more so than the good people at REVO. They’ve gone on a space age journey of late, introducing their NASA developed goggles, lightyears ahead of the competition.

Their eyewear uses cutting edge NASA coating technology, which you would primarily find on actual space helmets. But wait for it, they also go the extra space mile by also utilising tech from sand satellite sun protection systems too.

There’s no need to be spaced out just yet though; REVO is just as renowned for its leading polarised lens specifications (including their spanking new Polarized Photochromatic Technology), as they are their frame creativity.

In fact, this was previously produced side-by-side with another leading brand Ray-Ban. Whilst REVO are far more than being too cool for school, their wide selection of ski goggles is mind boggling.

Revo Ski Goggles

But what are the benefits of this NASA technology when it comes to ski goggles?  As well as offering the ultimate in style and comfort, they are manufactured with premium optical lens clarity.  It also turns out their ground breaking Polarised UV500 lens technology features something called HEV.

This is otherwise known as High Energy Blue Light management, but REVO has eradicated this potential retina damage. They have incorporated a special coating monomer, which removes all those dangerous blue light rays. Revo Wordsmith Ski Goggles RG7008 at SelectSpecs Another secret of the REVO success story is the PPLM system – which is otherwise known as Polarized Photochromatic Light Management.  This is coupled with their promotion of outstanding LMS tech and an innovative photo chromatic goggle lens that enables nearly 70% of light through. It automatically adjusts according to a host of light conditions, whilst you are on the slopes.

This super single lens solution is ideally suited to every environment from intense sun to low levels of light. Now that’s magic, as the late Paul Daniels would say.

Take the REVO Ice Master TM Polarized Goggle Technology, that has the ability to optimise any unnecessary glare. This allows skiers to take advantage of different types of snow and icy conditions.

Which Revo Lens?

They produce numerous lenses that can acclimatise to your specific environment such as their ‘Blue Water’ lens. This is able to reduce glare from sunlight whilst on water, well catered for a range of activities like sailing, surfing and fishing.

Whereas REVO’s ‘Green Water’ lens is utilised for altogether different purposes. Radiating natural environments, colours are more vivid across a wealth of outdoor pursuits.

Drilling down further, REVO presents space age technology via their heritage mirror coatings, whilst their newly launched Solar Orange is a genuine wintry winner. Delivering the highest standard of engineering, it results in incredible protection, outstanding light management and first class NASA grade mirror coating.

You won’t come back down to earth with a bump after you have tried these on for size. This NASA mirror coating offers a considerable reduction in eye dryness. As a result, it deflects more heat than any other market competitor meaning you will not suffer any tears rolling down your cheeks or streaming.

The comprehensive pair knows no bounds to its capabilities, making Solar Orange a perfect replacement for those tired pair of goggles gathering snow dust at the back of your wardrobe.

But we’ve saved best news till last – SelectSpecs are the only sellers of REVO goggles online. If you want to meander down the mountains in style, then check out our exclusive REVO offerings here.

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