Robert Redford and Transitional Season Aviators

One of the most distinguished US papers The Wall Street Journal brings a huge legend on the cover of this week’s magazine – no one else but the very Robert Redford.

From Sundance Kid to Hollywood legend, the magazine praises the actor who who has turned 79 last month but still possesses such charm and class that many would be envious of.  Scrolling through the actor’s photos, one could totally agree with the author’s initial claim that great movie stars age differently from the rest of us.

Just take a look bellow and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Image from WSJ magazine

Lucky are those born with such charisma that any age can take away!

The reason more why we’re loving Robert in this issue is the collaboration with Ray Ban – with many of the photos showing the actor wearing distressed denim and other casual outfits paired with an undying pair of aviators. Needless to say, this is a perfect match!

And here’s the very cover. No description needed.

When thinking of aviators sometimes vintage does it best and Ray-Ban have definitely mastered this and emblematic of each other. This particular model Robert is wearing is likely to be Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator we have available at Selectspecs:


The brownish lenses are perfect for late summer days and the beginning of oncoming autumn, if your eyes are blue or green like Robert’s then you’re probably already aware how persistent sun can be at this of the year.

This hue of shades is classic and subtle, easily blending in with seasonal changes as well as protecting your eyes.

But, you don’t always have to stretch your budget out to a pair of Ray-Ban’s, there are shades equally slick in design, colour and shape where only an expert could spot the difference. Check out this one:


These SUNSET 252‘s are extremely budget-friendly, more so with being in our current Autmn/Winter Sale. The brand Sunset+ Sunglasses accentuates brownish eyewear as their trademark and produces a lot of models apt for prescription use too.

So don’t lose your time, you still have a chance to get yourself equipped with an amazing pair of sunglasses for the transitional period and may Robert be your inspiration!

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