English Actor: Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, the globally popular actor from England, is well-known for portraying comical roles.

Atkinson gained worldwide recognition for portraying characters such as Mr. Bean, Edmund Blackadder, and Johnny English.

The main highlight of his works include the timely use of physical comedy, and adaptation of real-life situations.

Although globally popular, not many know that Atkinson holds a Master’s Degree.

Apart from film and theater works, Atkinson loves to drive cars and lorries.

In fact, Atkinson also participated in various car racing events.

The cars owned by Atkinson include a McLaren F1, an Audi A8, a Honda Civic Hybrid, a Škoda Superb, and a Honda NSX.

Now, let’s take a look at the best works of entertainer Rowan Atkinson.

Blackadder Sitcom

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The Period Sitcom Blackadder featured Rowan Atkinson playing the role of the villain named Edmund Blackadder.

Atkinson gained recognition for his portrayal of Edmund Blackadder in all four series of the Sitcom.

The Sitcom was well appreciated, and it went on to become the second best English Sitcom.

Mr.Bean Sitcom

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Mr. Bean happens to be one of the globally popular fictional characters in history.

The character Mr. Bean was created by Rowan Atkinson himself.

Atkinson portrayed the character using his very own mannerisms and real-life experiences.

The first episode of the Mr. Bean British Sitcom was aired in the year 1990.

After the release, millions of people started watching the humor-filled Sitcom which had a total of 15 episodes.

The show went on to receive the Rose d’Or, Golden Rose award and BAFTA awards.

Johnny English

The movie Johnny English (2003), directed by Peter Howitt, featured Rowan Atkinson portraying the leading role.

Johnny English is a secret agent who works for the MI7

A mix of secret agent James Bond and Mr. Bean’s humor can be seen in the character portrayed by Atkinson.

This spy comedy film was a grand success, and it paved the way for the sequel.

Johnny English turned out to become one of Atkinson’s career best roles.

Johnny English Reborn

The sequel to the Johnny English movie released in the year 2011.

Atkinson went on to reprise the role of secret agent Johnny English.

The genre was similar to the first part with Atkinson performing the role in his usual style.

Rowan Atkinson will also feature in the third installment of the Johnny English franchise.

Filming for Johnny English 3 has started on August 2017, the movie is expected to release on October 2018.

Bean the Movie

Bean the movie was inspired by Mr. Bean, the character developed and portrayed by Rowan Atkinson.

Rowan Atkinson was able to portray Bean in his usual style.

In the film, Mr. Bean is a security guard in the London National Gallery.

Directed by Mel Smith, this humor-filled feature film turned out to be a huge success.

Mr.Bean’s Holiday

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After the movie ‘Bean,’ Rowan Atkinson portrayed Mr. Bean for the second time in this feature film.

This comedy film was directed by Steve Bendelack.

The movie depicts the incidents that occurred when Mr. Bean heads to Cannes for a holiday.

Mr.Bean The Animated Series

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An edited picture of the animated version of Mr. Bean is shown in the picture above.

The animated series of Mr. Bean was inspired by Mr. Bean’s character from the Sitcom.

Main characters in this animated series include Mr. Bean, Mrs.Wicket, and Irma Gobb.

This comedy cartoon series was well received by youngsters.

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The 2016 British TV series ‘Maigret’ featured Rowan Atkinson playing the title role.

Atkinson played as the Jules Maigret, the chief inspector from France.

His stylish performance was well appreciated by viewers.

The character Maigret was adapted from the novel written by Georges Simenon.

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