Running Sunglasses 101

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Get out there and go for a run!

With the days getting longer, the temperature getting warmer and sun getting brighter, you may be considering purchasing a pair of sunglasses for running.

There are several aspects you need to consider when buying running sunglasses:


There are a range of different styles that you can buy.

If you are a fast runner or concerned about glasses slipping off, then wrap-around sunglasses may be the way to go.

Designed to fit close to your head, these glasses offer great peripheral vision. They also help to reduce the likelihood of dirt or water getting into your eyes. The Bolle Diamondback pair below are a great choice of stylish wrap-round sunglasses.

Bolle Diamondback

Bolle Diamondback

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However, if you’re after a pair of sunglasses easily wearable both for running and everyday wear, and not too worried about peripheral vision, then perhaps the Bolle Kassia would be a good choice for you.

With a relaxed style, these sunglasses will rest securely on your head.

Bolle Kassia

Bolle Kassia

Tint Colour

Sports sunglasses come in various colours of tint, with each being particularly suited for different conditions:

Yellow Tint: Best for low light conditions. Great if you like to run in the evenings or in the winter frequently.

Brown Tint: All-rounder, works well both in low and bright lights. Brown tints are also easy on the eye – fantastic if you are a long-distance runner.

Grey Tint: Best for bright sunlight – go for these if you run a lot during the summer or live in sunny climes.

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Lens Technologies

Polarised: Lenses to reduce the glare from sunlight. Useful for reducing the effect of sunlight reflecting on wet roads and for those who live near snow or sand.

Photochromic: Lenses that darken in tint when exposed to sufficient UV light – great if you are an outdoor runner and live in a climate that can quickly change.

Bifocal: The top part of the lens is used for long-distance, with a ‘D’ shaped section at the bottom of the glasses used for closer vision, such as reading.

Varifocal and progressive: Similar to bifocal lenses, except there is a progressive gradient from far to near vision, with no visible line on the lens.

Mirror/flash lenses: A mirror coating which reflects light and reduces the amount of light entering the eye considerably. The runners in the Instagram post above are all wearing mirrored/flash lenses.


If you wish to keep perspiration to a minimum and reduce lens fog, then look for glasses which have good ventilation and a design which optimise air flow.

The Oakley OO9208 Radar Ev Path (below) features vented lenses (the gaps at the top of the lenses) and temples which feature air ventilation gaps. These features mean you will be able to wear your sunglasses longer, and will keep your vision crystal clear.



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Finally, if you need some inspiration or motivation to just get out there and run in the first place, then take three minutes to watch this video below.

If this doesn’t make you excited to go for a run then nothing will! Good luck!

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