Travel To Spain’s Basque Region: City Of San Sebastian

Filled with villages that appear to be fresh out of a fairy-tale, modern architectural landmarks and mouth-watering food, Spain’s Basque region is unlike any other.

Proudly marking itself out from the rest of the country, Basque sits on the northern Atlantic coast, near the border of France.

Known locally as Euskadi or País Vasco, the region boasts its own language, culinary traditions and, of course, some might say the jewel in its crown, the City of San Sebastian.

Some might say that just being in San Sebastian is enough of a reason to visit.

However, if you’re looking for more of a reason than that, check out our list of reasons to visit the Spanish city below.

More Events For 2017

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Named European Capital of Culture in 2016, the City of San Sebastian is a cosmopolitan seaside destination with bucket loads of charm to boot.

Considered as one of the best places to eat in the world, the list of food venues is expanding as fast as its visitors’ waistlines.

As the city has beaten competitors to win the title of European Capital of Culture, more events and activities are set to enliven the city, from concerts and film festivals to art exhibitions, live performances of opera and theatre, creative workshops and courses, and children’s programming.

2017 is the perfect time to seize the day and visit thanks to this all-new increased line-up of events.

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The Beaches

Containing two beaches, San Sebastian has more than enough room for all sun seekers on its golden sands.

Playa de la Concha has made a name for itself as one of the better quality city beaches in Europe.

Meanwhile, Playa de Gros (also known as Playa de la Zurriola) attracts surfers and sultry beach-goers.

Relatively Traffic-Free

As a city adorned with opulent avenues and palaces, the roads are not made for cars.

The best way to get around in San Sebastian is by bike or on foot.

Less pollution, noise and an overall more pleasant atmosphere all add to the romantic feeling one gets when strolling along one of San Sebastian’s streets.

They city’s famous street “La Concha” attracts half a million tourists every year.

The car-free promenade stretches over six kilometres.

The Food

It’s impossible to talk about San Sebastian without mentioning its wealthy food culture.

With Michelin star restaurants aplenty – nine to be exact – and pintxo (tapas) culture almost unmatched anywhere else in Spain, San Sebastián is the place to be for foodies.


However, you don’t have to eat at a Michelin star restaurant to get the best food.

Exquisite, odd, innovative and beautiful food is available pretty much everywhere in the city.

The Charm

No holiday city would be complete without its friendly people, indulgent attitude to life and an acceptance to all – and San Sebastian has all three.

From the lively Parte Vieja (old town) to the pleasant, relaxed ambiance of the Gros district on the east side of the river, the city is known for its welcoming people.

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