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You could be the kind of person who loves bagging a bargain, or perhaps you’re willing to spend serious cash to pocket some high-end quality and cool brand names.

Whichever end of the spectrum you may pledge allegiance to, no-one can resist snooping over popular Save or Splurge posts – and when it comes to prescription glasses most of us don’t realise how much money we can save.

And just to prove how much, feast your eyes on the below:


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Alright, this one might be a bit obvious thanks to the Ray-Ban logo splashed on the right-hand lens, but let’s ignore that for a second and focus on the similarities.

  • Both are shiny black in colour.
  • Both have silver details near to the arms, similar in shape.
  • Both have a similar square frame shaped design.

The only difference is the price:
1. Savannah P2383 £10
2.  Ray-Ban New Wayfarer £90

Price difference: £80



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Okay so these two have their differences from the outset; one is a typical classic vintage shape, whereas the over amps up a feline flick.  Regardless of that, the real winning feature which brings these two together is the pink transparent bottoms.

Bound to brighten up any dull face (not that any of you reading have a dull face) it comes down to which design you prefer, or how much you’re willing to pay.

1.  Hallmark 8203 £29.50
2. William Morris London WL6946 £135

Price difference: £105.50


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Okay so we don’t mean to keep picking on Ray-Ban, but they do have the most popular and used designs.  The similarities again, as if we need to point these out to you:

  • Both have the classic vintage horn-rimmed shaped
  • Both have silver details near to the arms, similar in shape and a silver bridge across the nose.
  • Both lens shapes are are circular.

The only difference is the price:
1.  Infinity 2083 £25
2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster £90

Price difference: £65


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We’re going to finish off our quick Save or Splurge series with the biggest saving of this series. Now, think of these two more like sisters than twins; they both have a distinctive square shaped design, but the height of their arms differ.

The second model has the added elegance of jewellery on the arm, which could give away this famous brand.  However both have a blue underlay, they might be different shades, but both would add a pop of colour to any wearer.

1.  Savannah 2426 £10
2. Tiffany & Co. TF2043B £190.08

Price difference: £180.08

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