Intro to Selecting Spectacles Online

‘Could you tell me the directions of the letters C starting from the top row ?’ with a long stick in his hand pointing at a lit board with scattered C’s of different sizes, the optician asked, if not ordered, me.

‘Right, down, up, right, left……..’ I began to say.

Then he made me repeat, maybe 5 times while putting, removing, and changing alien-shaped-binocular like lenses on my face.

He then filled in a prescription and handed it to my Mom.

I cried ‘I don’t want to wear glasses Mom, I’ll look like a doctor’

‘If you wear glasses, you will preserve your eyesight when you get older’

I cried even louder.

‘I will get you a new Lego pack if you do so’ she offered.

This is the exact moment when the journey of getting a perfect pair to suit my face started as a kid.

I must admit, it was not an easy task to select a couple of pairs as I went from shop to shop, tried way more glasses than ever and wasted time, effort and money.

Fast forward 15 years to today; it takes me 5-10 minutes to select a pair of lenses online effortlessly. No time wasted, sweat and certainly no tears.

As time is the most valuable asset, you can’t afford wasting it when making an important style decision when buying a new pair of glasses.

Look no further with the 10 tips below from SelectSpecs and pick your new pair in seconds.

1- Hover over or simply click Glasses, or Sunglasses.

2 – Choose whether you’re looking for Men’s or Women’s.

3- You will then be presented with a vast variety of prescription glasses

4- The website makes it very easy for you to shop, you can refine the selections by price, frame type, style, material, colour and many more.

5- Plus with every purchase you get free single vision lenses & coatings.

6- If that’s not tempting enough, how about free UK & World Wide delivery?

If you don’t have the time to go on our website, just sign up to our newsletter and we will email every week/month with all the new updates to see the world from a better lens.

We have selected a few of our best sellers below that are a must to check out, if not to kill for.

Latest spectacles for HIM:

TITANflex by Eschenbach 820705 glasses

Perfect for casual office attire or at home wear.

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TITANflex by Eschenbach 820621 glasses

With a scientific touch, these lenses are smart casual.

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TITANflex by Eschenbach 820708 glasses

For a bolder look, try these lenses.

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Brendel 903068 glasses

A touch of print adds character to your look.

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Latest spectacles for HER:

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 585 glasses

Feminine yet chic, great for daily wear.

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Karl Lagerfeld KL821 glasses

Go for the “nerdy” trend with these lenses.

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Cacharel CA3014 glasses

A sleek colour, perfect for nighttime wear.

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Polo Ralph Lauren PH2128 glasses

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