Top 10 Selfie Worthy Summer Activities

Everyone loves a good photo op, and summer of all seasons, is full to the brim with them. From water fights to watermelon contests, water-parks, and cooling down with some juicy, red slices of watermelon, and the inevitable mess that ensues.

Festivals, to fun fairs and everything in between.

Here’s a list of photos you’ll definitely enjoy taking, because its not so much about the selfie, its about the memory behind it.

So, start making memories, now.

Combine several ideas together for the ultimate, mega selfie.

Squad Goals

Me and Brynn #squadgoals #teambarbie 👩🏼👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻👱🏻👯🇺🇸🎉

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While taking pictures with your friends is not by any means a new idea, #squadgoals is a bit different: the aim is to be the envy of friendships everywhere.

To not only appear as besties reveling in each others company, but to have several besties who are fashionable (matching gives you bonus points), and always doing entertaining, envious, and worthy things together.

Continue reading for ideas on some fun activities.

A candid bonding picture is the holy grail of squad goals.

Try an innovative angle, like from above, for a Instagram worthy version.

Day at The Beach

The best time to take these is when everyone else is busy drudging through their work day, or better yet, when the beach is quite a ways away, for maximum selfie envy.

Put on a nice pair of extravagant or bright statement specs, pose your selfie so the sea is visible.

Extra points for lavish accessories or a fun beach towel.

Don’t forget your SPF when soaking up the rays, then kick back and relax.

Bright statement sunnies? Check.


Translucent slides with amazing color sensations 🌞 #tubeslides #glowingslides #waterparkslides #slidestechnology #polinslides #hitech #

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There’s nothing quite like a water slide picture, candid, incorporating movement, caught at the right moment when flying off the end, or inside the illuminated tube slide if you can find one.

Just try not to pull a shocked or mid scream face for the camera, and prepare to splash.

Fun Fair

Whether posing in front of the Ferris wheel, or on it, it’s about the full experience.

Eat some cotton candy, try and win a larger than life stuffed animal, go on a ride that makes you just ever so slightly queasy, and a roller coaster with a view.

Wear these Police sunnies below to take it all in, minus the squinting into the sunset.


The level of Extra I'm on this Summer 2k17 🍍 #LadyGagaHiking #ExtraAf

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Hiking is exercise, exploration and adventure, all wrapped into one.

It usually isn’t in Louboutins, designer sunglasses and a midriff baring top, but we aren’t judging.

For the best photo opp., take a friend, or pet, and hike to somewhere scenic that is sunset watch worthy.

Extra points for a Hollywood sign.

Get yourself some Lady Gaga- esque sunnies here.


This one is simple, travel somewhere exotic, and get snapping.

As you are going all out extravagant, you might as well do the same with your accessories.

Get a pair of these gold plated Chopard sunglasses. Yes, gold.

If you don’t want to break the bank, try a budget friendly option, closer to home, here.

Pool Floatie

this #unicorn #floatie will be in most of my summer photos ✌️🦄🍹💦

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Get this one right in three easy steps.

First buy your choice of colourful themed pool floaties; unicorns, flamingos and donuts are a few suggestions.

Second, find a pool it will fit in, and you won’t feel self conscious about lounging around on a flamingo in it.

Last but not least, snap a glamorous Polaroid selfie with your phone, or a picture with your very own professional DSLR camera.

Then try not to fall off your floatie and enjoy.

Oh, and don’t forget your sunnies.

Get some to match your bathing suit, floatie, or hair colour, whatever floats your boat (or floatie).


🍾Santé🥂 Cheers to Life, cheers to Love @valentineinparis

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Have an early brunch with your squad and drink mimosas, or throw a raspberry into a glass of bubbly with that special someone when you have something to celebrate.

Or just celebrate each other, or the end of Monday.

Non-alcoholic versions work too, just make sure you get some fruity goodness in there, refreshing and photo worthy. Cheers.

The Festival-Watermelon Selfie

Summer festivals are a great way to show off your outfit of the day, your new physique, or a slice of watermelon.

Get in there with your boho vibes, snap a pic, and then dance the night away.

The secret is, don’t take yourself too seriously, have fun, and you will end up with some emotion jerking pictures to look back on.

Wondering where to go to take the pool selfie? And obviously to have fun too! Check out this list of must visit UK pools.

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