Shades of the Premiership

Footballer’s have got it tough, no seriously they have!  They work, train and play all throughout the year, even over Christmas and only get a few weeks off in the summer – those poor guys.

And when they do take time off, in those exotic locations they all seem to jet off to, because they are constantly in the public eye you can bet even their holiday ensemble comes with a price tag, but with a lot of style too.

Starting with Stevie G, although Liverpool might have ended this season in 6th place before he starts playing state-side, the mediocre ranking didn’t stop the now former skipper to jump off to Ibiza and celebrate his 8th Wedding anniversary.  Ahh.

A photo posted by Steven Gerrard (@stevengerrard) on

Already spotted wearing two different shades but with similar dark mirror lenses with thin, golden rims, both similar to Ray-Ban’s RB3026 Aviator and Chopard SCHA80M model we have at Selectspecs. Chopard Sunglasses at SelectSpecs On the rival side, another footballer on vacation is Ross Barkley, despite claims from previous Everton player Colin Harvey claiming he needs more discipline. 

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But we can see the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is going nowhere fast, the golden rims dominate yet again, but if for some reason you find them a bit too much, don’t hesitate to check out other colours, for this frame is already potentially the “MVP” of this season!

Ray-Ban RB8056 Clubmaster Sunglasses at SelectSpecs

Barkley’s teammate, nationally of course, Wayne Rooney was spotted in the Bahamas shortly before the Euro 2016 qualifying match against Slovenia. Judging by his performance, the family vacation must have did him good!

A photo posted by Coleen Rooney (@coleen_rooney) on

The Manchester United striker opted for dark, rectangular shades, much like the Oakley OO4063 Plaintiff Squared. Available in polarized which means the lenses filter out glare, even from water on the road, Oakley’s lenses are particularly good at this because they are produced as a single piece without using glue, so is worth every penny. Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses at SelectSpecs Finally, here’s one of the champions of the Premiership; relishing his holidays deservedly.

A photo posted by Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) on

Don’t Fabregas’ shades remind you of Calvin Klein CK7965S Sunglasses?  A wayfarer design but with a unique key hole bridge, above the nose.


What do you say; can these four pass as trendsetters?  Or did they stumble on some cool shades by accident?

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