Brand Spotlight: Shwood Eyewear

People always ask what makes Shwood different, and the answer is always the same. The difference lies in the brand story and  materials utilized. These materials are created through constant experimentation, which can also mean constant failure.

Failure is something Shwood has learned to love. At the end of the day, that is what is leads down the path to originality.

Born From a Neighbor’s Tree Branch

A love of vintage sunglasses, and knack for woodworking, Shwood began as a clunky frame whittled from a stolen heap of wood.

Bulky and awkward, the initial outcome was less than flattering, but the beauty was in the materials. As the pair was shown to friends and family, demand exploded and the concept garnered more attention than ever expected.

Every frame took days to craft and was normally traded for skateboards or other artwork. Quickly becoming obvious that the product had more potential than an art project, a rudimentary website was launched to sell the frames online.

Within 24 hours, the concept spread like wildfire across the Internet and the business was born.

Pioneering the process.

Keeping up with demand proved to be more challenging than anyone thought. A lack of manufacturing experience, capital, and optical knowledge forced the team to build a production technique from the ground up.

A laser cutter, hydraulic press, and lens edger were the first steps to a standardized process that resulted in consistent, quality product worthy of the brand

As production grew, the manufacturing process continued to evolve and new technology was merged with the handcrafted principals of the original frames.

Materials that matter.

While wood continues to be the backbone on which the reputation was built, experimentation with new materials is what drives
daily innovations.

Cotton-based acetates and titanium have earned spots as mainstays in the material library, while recycled newspaper, natural stone, oxidized metals, and resin-cast feathers, among others, are all part of seasonal material innovations and collaborations.

More than just eyewear.

The underlying goal of the product assortment is to not only create one-of-a-kind frames, but to tell the story of these manufacturing experiments in an inspiring way.

The transformation of these natural materials is an art form in itself and the process is a integral part of the final product. Every piece of eyewear created in the Portland, Oregon wood shop has been manipulated by over twenty sets of hands, leading their truly unique nature.

In an industry consisting of a sea of sameness, the hope is that every Shwood product gives its wearer a sense of individuality that matches their own.

Frozen In Time

Inspiration is easily found but rarely encapsulated. Our new stabilization process freezes the beauty of nature in time and preserves natural elements in their current state.

Using high-pressure resin casting and our hand-made processing technique, we’ve taken elements from some of the most awe-inspiring environments in the world and transformed them into one-of-a-kind wearable art.

Just as every inspirational experience is unique, so is every handmade piece of this series.

Lunar Landscapes

The otherworldly terrain of the Oregon Badlands makes you question whether you’re still grounded on planet earth. The jagged and arid landscape creates a harsh environment for anything living amongst it, resulting in barren yet beautiful scenery.

To capture the essence of this environment, we’ve chosen elements from the land and sky that are able to survive on the bare minimum.

Naturally molted Osprey feathers and desert flowers are laid into resin to create subtle patterns of deep desert tones.

Low Tide

The jagged coastlines of the Pacific Northwest are a juxtaposition of strength and grace. Peppered
with tide pools, plant life, and rock formations, the environment is teeming with life, both above and below the surface.

A close look into the nooks and crannies of
the landscape reveals a hidden world of colors and textures. To harness the spirit of these coastal environments we’ve gathered and transformed an assortment of seashells into a collage of the ocean floor.

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