Snooker: Fashion & Elegance 101

Snooker is a sport for the gentleman who aspire to use their brains & mathematical skills at the table. A symbol for class and elegance while played under the rules of fair game, respect, and political correctness. This global phenomenon has started to spread in Asian countries in recent years. Currently, an example for every man who loves to watch the influence of style in sport.

The History

The website highlights the start of this game as being attributed to 1875, when Lieutenant Neville Chamberlain (from the British Army) experimented a new game derived from classic pool.

The new version contained 15 red balls plus 1 black. In comparison to pool, this new sport was defined by the dress code.

Every snooker player wears white and black shirts, a waistcoat, dark tailored trousers and dark coloured shoes. The umpire always follows this strict dress code by wearing dark suits and shoes.

T-shirts and casual trousers are officially banned. Bow ties are usually mandatory at important events, making snooker unique.

Dress Code

In an article posted on on the dress code debate, the writer stated:

The combination of waistcoats and bow ties is very much part and parcel of what makes a snooker player, in the eyes of the general public at least, if not the die hard fans.

Although some viewers talk about the need to diversify style during snooker tournaments, the standards are very high for the World Championships of Snooker which take place every year at the Crucible Theatre, in Sheffield.

By contrast, at the 2013 Masters tournament, Judd Trump shocked the audience with a pair of Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike shoes.

According to, the English player found them slippy, so he refused to use them in the next matches.

Neil Robertson

Can't wait to go longer bike rides in Cambridge. Loving Sweden though

A post shared by Neil Robertson (@nr147) on

Former World Champion in 2010, the Australian player is one of the most spectacular appearances at the snooker table.

While being on holiday in Sweden, he showed us that he prefers bike rides and casual style. In terms of lenses, you can copy Neil by wearing the Oakley OO9102 HOLBROOK model.

Quite good for hikes or for adventurous trips in the mountains. It takes £104.16 to make the difference between a world champion and a rookie.


Judd Trump

Tbt #wetrepublic

A post shared by Judd Trump (@judd147t) on

We’ve already seen him as extravagant, but Judd Trump seems to be the soul of the party.

Widely considered one of the biggest talents in snooker, the 27 year-old player known as The Juggernaut is a party animal during his time off.

In a picture taken in Las Vegas a few months ago, Judd was enjoying the sun of Nevada. His pair of sunglasses looks similar to the Polaroid PLD 1028/S, a product which is affordable for all budgets with a cost of only £38.88

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