Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s Coveted Honeymoon Shades


Recently, the very beautiful Sofia Vergara, of Modern Family’s fame, and Joe Manganiello, the star of the Magic Mike series, got hitched in a dream wedding at Florida that had us all crying happy tears.

As if all of the dream fairytale wedding stuff did not make us jealous enough already, the adorable new bride recently shared some pictures with her hubby, from their honeymoon at the luxury Parrot Cay resort in Turks and Caicos, on her Instagram account. Well, suffice to say, we are turning into deep shades of the jealous green.

Sunshine, beautiful beach bodies and escapes to luxury resorts aside, we also love those pretty-pretty shades that the couple have been sporting.

We will never forget this place❤️❤️❤️#parrotcaybycomo @realrobertearl

A photo posted by Sofia Vergara (@sofiavergara) on

Well, for the people who look like Vergara and Manganiello, it is pretty hard NOT to look good in anything. Besides, if anyone could pull off adorably clichéd honeymoon selfies, it is probably these guys.

Getting selfied while trying to catch a crab on my honeymoon… #ParrotCay @RealRobertEarl A photo posted by Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) on

While we cannot really see Sofia Vergara’s complete outfit, we are sure that the starlet has decided to let loose, take a break from all the high-end fashion trends and instead, embraced the comfortable and laid back trend for the beach. See the minimalistic makeup and the almost nude lips? That is the face of a woman who is happy and comfortable, and is not afraid to show the world her beautiful skin.

She has chosen to pair a comfortable two layered bikini top with minimalistic, classical oval glasses, perfect for protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays; trendy and practical at the same time. Won’t you agree?

Manganiello on the other hand, is rocking the sun kissed look with just some beach shorts and of course, those washboard abs. Unfortunately, you cannot buy them in shops but their fashion forward glasses? Well, you can find them on SelectSpecs, of course.

Ralph Lauren PH4049

Just as cool and stylish as Manganiello’s oversized square glasses, this set of Polo Ralph Lauren PH4049 designer glasses is perfect for a day at the beach. And as they say, black is the king of all colors so basically, complementary with all looks.

Karl Lagerfeld KL831S

This set of Karl Lagerfeld KL831S designer glasses come with UV protection and a style factor that will make everybody asking where you got it from. The black frames and the purple tinted glasses are the right combination of rock star and chilled out.

Gucci GG 3638/S

When it comes to designer sunglasses, it does not get any more sophisticated than Gucci. We have chosen this bi-colored large rimmed GG 3638/S designer glasses from Gucci. Sophisticated and minimalistic, they are fit to be worn, not just at the beach, but basically anywhere you go.

Ray Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer

Finally, we have selected this slightly different RB2132-New Wayfarer designer sunglass from Ray-Ban, especially for their broad rims. Wear it with a sexy bikini or a badass biker leather jacket; they are sure to draw everyone’s attention towards you.

This season, just like Vergara and Manganiello, more and more superstars are stepping out in big and bold designer glasses, because apparently, they are all the rage right now. Besides, the purpose of any sunglass, apart from protecting your eyes while you are out having fun under the sun of course, is also to make you feel more stylish and confident, because always remember, unless you feel good, you will never look good.

So what are you waiting for? Head out and start looking for your perfect pair. Remember, always wear the sunglasses; never let them wear you.

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