Signature Frames of Sports Champions

In every competition, there are competitors. And legends, of course. Stars who stole the show several times and made a career out of their hard work and huge talent. Years of training and perseverance are necessary for a competitor to become a legend. But when it happens, they can propel their image and fame to a whole other level, one we can only dream about when we are kids.

When it comes to the world of fashion, David Beckham was the initiator of a common trend nowadays, as he used his fame as a footballer to create a fashion brand, generating quite a hefty income.

At this moment, sports legends such as Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo or Rafael Nadal are also known for their impact on the market of fashion and clothing.

Things become intriguing when we look at the signature sunglasses of some big names from the sports arena.

Valentino Rossi

When you say Moto GP legend, there is no other name than Valentino Rossi.

The nine-time world champion is an idol in Italy and in every part of the world and remains one of the most significant sports icons of the 21st century.

As a lover of motorcycling, Vale has signature pairs of sunglasses designed by Oakley. Today, we selected the Oakley OO9272 Catalyst Valentino Rossi Signature Series.

With a polished black frame and gray lenses, this pair is a must-have if you love speed. ”Il dottore” agrees with us so don’t miss it!


Shaun White

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At 30 years old, Shaun White is already a living legend in the snowboarding and skateboarding world.

The US-born athlete is a two-time Olympic champion and a multiple gold medalist at the annual X-games, made famous through coverage by ESPN.

Oakley and champions seem to develop a perfect relationship based on special chemistry.

White has left his fingerprints on the universe of sunglasses through the Oakley OO9223 Shaun White Signature Series Enduro. 


This collection brings vintage and retro to the same table and provides a selection of sunglasses from a lightweight division.

The design is superb with round lenses and frames that remind us of the Police sunglasses. The ball is in your court as this item is available for less than £100.


Dennis Taylor

Dennis Taylor is a snooker legend as his 1985 World Championship title remains an epic moment in the history of the sports.

That final was decided in the last frame at the last ball, the black one as Taylor potted it and won the big crown.

In the sports universe, he’s got a trademark item which made him even more famous than the snooker performance: his glasses.


The large size of the lenses and the upside down design is patterned as a fashion statement in a discipline which is considered an exhibition of style and elegance.

The Dennis Taylor DTSN01 – Pro-Snooker Glasses are well-rated on our website, with 4.7 stars out of 5, as the frames are suitable for single vision or progressive lenses. If you want to be the odd one out, try these on!

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