Eyewear Fit For A Spy

It’s a big party in town tonight and your attendance is mandatory. Your friends are going, the place will generate positive vibes, but it’s not a summer party.

Think a spy themed party, so your outfit has to be the star of the night, and you need to look like a top-class spy.

Undercover but elegant, subtle but intelligent, this is the definition of an efficient spy.

But there is one dilemma – what eyewear options do you have?

We prepared a range of interesting choices for different tastes and fashion addictions.


KGB Style

Julius Rosenberg was a famous KGB spy in the 1940s, and if you love the classic and elegant look of the 1940s and 1950s, we’ve got the best option in terms of eyewear.

Infinity M8201 is a simple and perfect pair for the spies who love keeping the perfect cover.

Stylish and vintage, the M8201 highlights the brilliance of a mix between oval shaped lenses and a silver full-rim design.

Bringing the best aspects of the past to the current fashion trends as the customers of Selectspecs.com have given the verdict – 4.4 stars out of 5.

And the price is a joke, as you need only £13.00 for a spot-on look.


Cold War Fashion

On This Day in History March 1, 1950: British Nuclear scientist Klaus Fuchs (December 29, 1911 – January 28, 1988) plead guilty to four counts of espionage under the British Official Secrets Act and is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in London, England. Fuchs was convicted of supplying information from the Manhattan Project at the Atomic Research department in Los Alamos, New Mexico to the Soviet Union. At the time of his arrest on February 3, 1950, Fuchs was employed as senior principal scientific officer at the Harwell Atomic Research Establishment. Fuchs’ sentence was reduced and was released from jail on June 23, 1959 and spent his remaining years living with his father in East Germany as the deputy director of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) nuclear research institute. Fuchs’ arrest had long term effects on others who worked on the Manhattan Project. According to the post 1950: Klaus Fuchs arrested for passing atomic bomb information to Soviets from the History Channel website: "Fuchs’ capture set off a chain of arrests. Harry Gold, whom Fuchs implicated as the middleman between himself and Soviet agents, was arrested in the United States. Gold thereupon informed on David Greenglass, one of Fuchs’ co-workers on the Manhattan Project. After his apprehension, Greenglass implicated his sister-in-law and her husband, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. They were arrested in New York in July 1950, found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage, and executed at Sing Sing Prison in June 1953." #KlausFuchs #ColdWarHistory #ColdWar #EspionageHistory #SpyHistory #NuclearSecrets #ManhattanProject #OfficialSecretsAct #BritishHistory #AmericanHistory #UKHistory #USHistory #OnThisDayinHistory #ThisDayinHistory #HistoryToday #TodayinHistory #History #Historia #Histoire #HistorySisco

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If you would like to bring back the Cold War fashion trends of political intelligence, then Klaus Fuchs is your guy.

The Soviet Union spy used to wear a pair of glasses with black frames and oval lenses.

Today, you will be the most elegant spy at the party if you go for Ray-Ban RX5283.

These glasses are just gorgeous with modern acetate black frames that provide clear vision for your eyes through single vision and progressive lenses.

You can spy easily on your competition as they will be blinded by your outrageous style.

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All American

If Europe is not your cup of tea and you are an American spy infiltrated in the Russian elite troops, then this party needs requires the Ray-Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer.

And, in order to give a balance between the 1960-1970s and today, we chose sunglasses with matte Havana frames.

The distinguishable design makes it ideal for a fashion lover who wants to go undercover.

What is highly important about the RB2132 is that they can be worn by anyone regardless of age and preferred style.

Feel free to be the American spy who steals important applauses from their fashion competition.


Jackpot Aviators

Stylish and classic, these aviators are ideal for a spy who wants to shine and inspire fear.

Although you need to keep your identity secret, you cannot ignore showing your advanced taste in style.

Carducci Sun CD1030 is a magnificent choice for the gentleman who prefers cool style with no big investments as the enemies might think you’re funded by your government.

Because of the slim metal frames, this pair is a top choice as its vintage air brings memories back for the experienced spy that you are.


Going to a music-themed party? We got you covered – check your palette of eyewear choices

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