SS16 Style Trends: Stripes & Graphic Prints

‘Geek chic’ may be a fashion staple for glasses wearers everywhere. And like nude shoes, it’s a constant that never goes out of fashion. Like black leather or British tweed, it discriminates not against age nor gender. Or like your favourite tote, it just works with everything in your wardrobe.

But in SS16, we see this enduring fashion trend almost take a bit of a back seat. Because there’s another bold look in town that has come along to steal the limelight and we don’t think it’s about to disappear into the fashion ether without reason or explanation; unlike some other fleeting trends, we think that SS16’s graphic prints and stripes are here to stay. For good.

Or at least a good couple of years (for those value shoppers who worry about cost per wear). Some of the leading designers to showcase this bold and daring look include Dolce and Gabbana (campaign image below), Prada (featured image), Roksanda and Jonathan Saunders. And here at Select Specs, we’re extremely inspired…

dolce gabbana glasses

Unlike the soft and feminine Breton lines as seen in previous seasons and French Navy inspired reds/blues/whites, SS16 stripes are a seriously bold statement, all with a Mod/60s inspired look. This trend is definitely not for the faint-hearted and has only been further consolidated by loud graphic designs as seen on Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Roberto Cavalli and Versace runways. If you can’t wait to reinvent your current ‘geek chic’ style with some brand new SS16 stripes, take a look at some of our favourite SS16 striped prescription glasses.

These stripy glasses are perfect for the upcoming spring/summer fashion season but they’ll still look great all year round.

(Featured image:

Dolce & Gabbana DG3162P

Dolce Gabbana stripe glasses SS16

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The Dolce and Gabbana DG3162P specs from the STRIPES SPECIAL PROJECT collection are bang on trend for the upcoming season. But be warned, they’re not designed for the shy or retiring. Or those who don’t have the confidence to pull them off. These glasses have serious stand-out style and require some pretty smart wardrobe magic to make them really rock. Wear the Dolce & Gabbana DG3162P STRIPES SPECIAL PROJECT prescription glasses with a sophisticated navy shift dress or go for a fash clash and mix and match with other prints to really stand out in the crowd.

Dolce & Gabbana DG3091

dolce gabbana stripe glasses SS16

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If you love the SS16 stripe trend but haven’t built up the courage to play around with bold colours just yet, these prescription glasses are perfect. Another design from catwalk king Dolce & Gabbana, the DG3091 glasses have a subtle yet fashion forward look. The stripes are softened and muted for everyday wear and you can team the Dolce & Gabbana DG3091 glasses with just about anything. For the best cost per wear, these will last you seasons and seasons.

Mexx 5371

MEXX stripe glasses SS16 stripes fashion

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The Mexx 5371 prescription glasses from Select Specs are simple yet stunning. But what we love most about this style is how accessible it is for just about anyone. This design does not judge, does not isolate, does not discriminate. The Mexx eyewear range is designed to be inclusive so you don’t have to be the most confident or fashion forward person to feel like a style queen in these specs. Style the Mexx 5371 glasses with your day to day wardrobe and wear with both casual and formal attire.

Kiss&Kill KK2621

SS16 stripes trend glasses

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These striking specs are the perfect partnership between geek chic and stripes, making them ideal for SS16 and beyond. Made for those who love the catwalk looks but don’t have the designer budget, the KK2621 prescription glasses from Kiss&Kill are a pocket friendly addition to our SS16 stripy repertoire. If you love stripes and nerd chic style lenses, you have to shop the Kiss&Kill KK2621 for the coming season.

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