Statement Earrings You Need

Statement earrings are the latest must-have piece of jewellery for any discerning fashionista. The great thing about statement earrings is how they instantly add glamour to any look with very minimal effort.

We have put together some examples of the must-have statement earrings for this season.

If you are looking to invest in some jewellery, then make sure you buy one of these pairs.


1. Hoop Earrings

Yes, hoop earrings are back in fashion again.

The trend everyone was rocking back in the ‘Noughties,’ hoops are once again THE piece to instantly add some chic to your outfit.

Hoops come in a huge variety of different sizes, so you can go as large as you feel comfortable with.

We love the size of these earrings above – they’re a pair which you could wear every day.

Go for gold, silver, rose gold, or even copper like the gorgeous pair above.

Or get one of each.

2. Tassel Earrings

Red accents are fun! Superb photo by @dentontaylor #redshoes #redbracelet #redearrings #tasselearrings #redaccents

A post shared by Diana Gabriel (@dianagabrielnyc) on

Tassels are everywhere at the moment – they’re on dresses, tops, jackets and now even on earrings.

Tassels are a super fun and playful addition to any look.

They come in a huge variety of bright colours, and are the perfect accessory for the summer months in particular.

Try and tie the colour of your earrings into the rest of your look, like Diana above.

You can even buy tassel earrings which are made up of two or three different colours for a statement look.

Get Diana’s gorgeous sunglasses look with the INVU B2605 – Women’s Collection.

These super chic sunnies feature black frames and lenses in an oversized style – the perfect accessory to wear alongside statement earrings.

INVU B2605 - Women's Collection

INVU B2605 – Women’s Collection

3. Chainlink Earrings

This is a relatively new trend.

Chainlink earrings are loved by fashionistas worldwide at the moment who adore their elongated style.

The great things about chain link earrings are how they are actually quite minimal from afar, but once you get closer you see there is more to them.

Chainlink earrings can be super long or relatively short, depending on how brave you are.

You can also get chains which link from one piercing in an ear to another.

4. Pom-Pom Earrings

Like tassels, pom-pom earrings are a really fun and quirky statement accessory you need to own.

Usually in super bright colours, pom-pom earrings look fab worn with a plain or neutral coloured outfit.

You can get earrings with a single pom-pom or even a string of them tied together.

Again, it depends on how brave you are feeling.

5. Jewelled/Stone Earrings

Sun-kissed. 🌞🌴👙💦🇬🇷 #christienicolaides #statementearrings #byzantinecollection #turquoise

A post shared by Christie Nicolaides (@christienicolaides) on

These statement earrings offer you the ultimate in glamour and luxury.

They can be formed of a wide variety of different stones and jewels and in a huge range of different designs.

We love this gorgeous pair Christie is wearing.

The mixture of different patterns and colours make sure these really are a statement accessory.

Get her sunglasses look with the MICHAEL KORS 0MK2040 DIVYA.

These stunning sunglasses feature a feminine cat-eye shape and a tortoiseshell design.

They are definitely an investment piece which would last your for years.



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