Style from the Capital: Look Like a Londoner

Remember when Kate Moss told us to “get the London look” in those Rimmel adverts? Well, you actually can get the London look – partly by donning carefully-chosen glasses from SelectSpecs.

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world and here, we detail which eyewear could replicate a truly capital style – whether or not you actually spend a lot of time in London.

Enjoy a fashion feast from the East


East London is strongly associated with hipsters, so adhering to East London style typically calls for you to be creative. Ironic eyewear – think sunglasses worn during dull days, or vintage thick-rimmed spectacles worn by people who don’t have any sight problems – are in-keeping with this style.

The gentrification of Hackney has attracted particular attention, and it turns out that we at SelectSpecs stock spectacles sharing the name of this part of East London. The brand, JK London, actually name all of their frames after parts of our great capital, but on this occasion let’s keep it strictly to the East.

JK London Hackney Prescription Glasses at SelectSpecsBuy Now »

It’s far from grim up North (London)


As we’ve mentioned, London is reputed for being one of the world’s major fashion capitals, and the city’s north has contributed much to this reputation.  With thanks to its abundance of fashion-conscious people and Camden Market there’s a consistently reliable source of stylish clothing in postcodes beginning with N.

On the subject of Camden, you could certainly feel like you are a resident of this North London borough when you sport the Ted Baker glasses pictured below (that have been given the name of Camden of course!) Rather apt when you consider their classiness would make many actual Camden residents proud.

Ted-Baker-London-TB2207-Camden-Prescription-Glasses-at-SelectSpecsBuy Now »

Go West (and South)


If you are passionate about 1950’s fashion, you would be in good company in the capital’s west and south, assuming of course, that you don’t already live or spend lots of time in either. There are so many good sources of vintage clothing, including Portobello Market and Brixton Village, in these parts that you could well have already discovered their unique charms a long time ago.

We wrote previously on how to get the 1950’s eyewear look, as we have plenty of frames to help you to develop a distinctively vintage style. Before you click away from this page, though, consider how appropriate you would look in Brixton with the our Infinity’s Horn Rimmed

Infinity02083-Horn-Rimmed-Clubmaster-Style-Prescription-Glasses-at-SelectSpecsBuy Now »

London and on and on…

London is such a massive and cosmopolitan place that this article alone was never going to adequately represent the kaleidoscope of spectacle styles that you can commonly see there. So, what other glasses styles do you think are just so, well, London? Use the comments box below to give us your thoughts.

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