Style Steal: Get That Barbie Look!

Barbie is now a famous fashion blogger. Her Instagram account has 2 million followers, quite a number for a doll!

But we all know she is not just any doll she is the doll that every girl has adored and aspired to be at some point during her life. Sometimes harshly criticized for being too skinny or a bad influence on young girls, she’s never lost her charm, everyone adores Barbie young and old!

How could you not fall in love with her style, she’s always so fashionable and feminine! The big brands love her too, from Moschino , Versace to Disquared they have presented fashion shows in her honor. And celebs love her too! She’s the most influential doll of the 20th century for sure!

Let’s see how famous brands and celebs have been inspired by the iconic Barbie and how we can steal some of her stylish sunglasses!


Barbie couldn’t resist to be part to the NY fashion week, she is a real fashionista after all! Her style in this Instagram pic is absolutely chic and very in vogue. In fact the light blue top and snake print skirt are a super stylish combination enhanced by the black round sunglasses, which gives the coolest finishing touch to the overall outfit.

Try this Karl Lagerfeld KL785S sunglasses if you want to add a fabulous touch to your look!

black round sunglasses

Karl Lagerfeld KL785S

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#Repost @itsjeremyscott ・・・ FITTINGS ON FIRE UP HERE AT #MOSCHINO ??? @roosabels A photo posted by Moschino (@moschino) on

Moschino’s favorite and most loved muse is without a doubt Barbie! In his fashion shows we have seen models wearing dresses and hair like her, and his entire advertising campaign inspiration was from the iconic doll. As we can see in the pic above the Moschino model is wearing a barbie pink look and a pair of black squared sunglasses which are the perfect accessory to rock every outfit.

If you feel inspired form Barbie’s Moschino look, try these Gianfranco FERRE GF957 they will be a very precious accessory in your wardrobe.

Ferrè squared sunglasses

Gianfranco FERRE GF957

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A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Even Beyonce could not resist to copy her favorite Barbie style. Here she is wearing a sexy striped black and white bodysuit, with a pair of black and white cat-eye glasses which makes this outfit seriously fashionable.

If you want to copy her look and add a chic touch your outfit try these Marc Jacobs MARC 8/S sunglasses, they’ll put all eyes on you for sure!

cat eye black and white Barbie insp.

Marc Jacobs MARC 8/S

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Barbie lifestyle (Pool Fun)

Floating on good vibes! ? #barbie #barbiestyle A video posted by Barbie® (@barbiestyle) on

Finally  we have Barbie relaxing by the pool, which seems to be her favorite place for pictures. Always stylish her pink sunglasses are perfect for days relaxing  in the pool or out for sunbathing.

These Crocs Eyewear CS030 sunglasses will make you feel adorable and will let your inner Barbie doll shine through!

pink squared sunglasses

Crocs Eyewear CS030

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Let us know, in the comment section below, if you are inspired from the Barbie look and which of her sunglasses do you like the most.

For sunglasses inspo from a real life Barbie doll take a look at Karlie Kloss’ best looks!

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