Styling 101: The Layered Look

At the moment, the weather in the UK is constantly changing all the time.

One minute it’s freezing, and the next it’s rather sunny. So how are you to decide what’s best to wear?

In our approach to spring, the layered look will certainly adapt to the shifting temperatures.

Layering is all about co-ordination. It’s lovely to throw on bits and bobs from your wardrobe to keep nice and warm. Matching your clothes and colours will achieve a synchronised and balanced look.

Start off simple by dressing a jumper over the top of a collared shirt. A classic way to start using layers.

If it’s a chilly day, a long coat and a pair of jeans will work well together with ankle boots and a delicate necklace.  Tip: bold jewellery may begin to overcrowd the outfit.

Take Hannah Michalak’s outfit, for example. Here, the vlogger and beauty blogger from London wears pale block colours over a detailed shirt.

Don’t ditch the knitwear just yet – a thin jumper like Hannah’s is easy to layer up and keeps you cool if the sun decides to make an appearance.

Another easy way to build up the layers is to wear a scarf over your outfit. This spring, there are going to be many bold colours; red, yellow, and even bottle green.

Draping a bold scarf over your neck is a great way to add a pop of colour to the outfit, without going over the top! Keeping your other clothes mutual – such as greys, whites or tans – will make sure that things aren’t going to clash.

Here, a statement coat is worn over a scarf with green detailing. Keeping in tune with bold colours this season, the outfit looks effortless. Sported with a cream jumper underneath, this look would definitely keep you cosy.

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Dungarees are making a comeback from the 90s. Dressed with a striped tee or jumper, they’re simple to start layering up. First, put a plain, chunky-knit cardigan over the top and go from there – a coat, a jacket or perhaps a light-weight scarf will help pull the outfit together.

This particular set is paired with some trainers. Ankle boots, plimsolls or even sandals will also go well with such a versatile piece of clothing.

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It seems denim is the way forward – here, there’s been no hesitation in wearing three or four layers on top with just a simple pair of jeans. She’s started simply by wearing a black cami top, then pairing this with a checked shirt and denim jacket which complement each other perfectly. To finish off, a thick, loose-fitted cardigan is draped on top to achieve a down-to-earth, trouble-free look.

V-neck dresses worn over a base top is the new thing on high street. This alternative take on the spring style shift dress is perfect for those who don’t like baring too much skin, or perhaps still want to keep their shoulders from that winter breeze. Above, a bold coloured dress is paired with a monochrome roll-neck top with frilled sleeves, avoiding any clashing colours. This simplistic outfit is wonderful for days when you just want to ‘throw anything on’ and still look great!

Why not throw a hat into the mix? Don’t stop at the cardigans – a floppy hat would look sophisticated with any of these outfits. A pair of sunglasses will also add to the look and make sure you’re prepared for those sunny spells. They’ll give an urban edge to your outfit and the mutual colours are sure to dodge any clashing disasters! So, let’s get layering; if you want to try this look for yourself, take a look at these.

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