How to Style Your Office Desk

Our surroundings affect us in ways we are not conscious of on a daily basis, from the colour of our bedroom walls, to the scenery on our commute to work, or even the layout of our workspace. Clutter and distractions can limit your productivity and recall memory if you are studying for a big test, or prepping for an important meeting. Either way, an easy & organized space is key.

Whether your office space is a cramped cubicle or home office fit to be Batman’s man cave, read on to find out some tips and tricks on how to make your working world your own.

1. Make It Comfortable

We can’t all work in our pajamas unfortunately, but you can keep a pair of slippers under your desk to swap out for those heels when at your desk, or even around the office on casual Friday.

If your chair isn’t comfortable, bring a cushion or even a donut (U shaped cushion, usually used for the neck).

Have a cardigan at hand for days when someone has the window open and your aren’t dressed for it, or the aircon is blasting at arctic temperatures.

Keep an extra pair of reading glasses at hand for that pesky fine print too. Don’t strain those peepers and be right on trend with these aviator frames.

2. Use Artwork & Decorative Pieces As Inspiration

Whatever your chosen field of business, you can always use some inspiration.

Whether you are stumped on that new marketing campaign or need a plan for next quarters’ finances, giving yourself some eye candy or brain tantalizers to get the mental juices flowing is paramount.

An inspirational quote strategically placed, or a piece of art that speaks to you, can really work wonders at keeping you motivated.

Surround yourself with things of beauty that make you smile, or think, like these carved detail specs, an adornment for any desk, and budget friendly too.

3. Bring it Alive With Greenery & Zen Knickknacks

Leafy greenery can instantly lift your mood and bring positive vibes to your work environment.

Faux plants are an option if you don’t really have a green thumb, but cacti need little care, and sharing your space with other living beings is a great way to liven things up.

A zen garden is a beautiful edition to any desk and not only looks good, but brings calm by taking your focus off of stressful situations for a few minutes.

A decorative or humorous stress ball can do the trick too. Desk chimes can be enjoyable if you don’t share your office, as bothering your co-workers is never a calming experience. To sum up, make your office your sanctuary.

4. Use Personalization: Make It Your Own

A picture of a loved one (pets included), or a splash of your favourite colour (refer to the pretty pink specs below) can make your space your own, and feel like a home away from home.

A candle with a nostalgic scent, your coffee mug, or even something with your initials, stationary or decorative, can bring the YOU right to your desk.

5. Use Organizational Tools To Raise Productivity

There is nothing worse than a messy desk for productivity, so sort that situation out.

Use boxes for storing items you don’t use on a daily basis but don’t have room for in your desk drawers.

Paper trays in metallic shades are both functional and attractive, as are the animal print specs below. A chalk board calendar  will make your to do lists a breeze, and a desk clock means you will never be late for your meetings again.

Last but definitely not least, ideal lighting can effect your alertness and eyesight (if the damage is already done, see specs below), so a desk lamp is an essential.

Now your office space is all set, let the working commence.

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