Unlock Success With Your Morning Routine

Successful people do a few things differently in life than other people. If we look at the lives of people like Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Tony Robbins, all of them share one habit: a powerful morning routine.

As Mike Murdock says:

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine

Nurturing this habit of a set morning routine helps to reduce stress, achieve focus, increase productivity and motivate to not only dream big but also follow your dreams.

Read on to find out how YOU can use the same rituals to attract success in your life by adopting a powerful morning routine.

1. Reflect

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Start your day by sitting in a quiet corner, somewhere where you can focus on your thoughts.

Take deep breaths and simply think about the what you did the previous day.

There might be some things which you have done wrong and do not want to repeat.

For example, getting angry and using foul language.

It could be something very minute which you may have ignored at the time, but due to reflecting on it, you realize that you should not have done it.

For example, did you ignore your child when he was asking to play with you while you kept on messaging your friends on WhatsApp?

You can do this for 15 minutes, to begin with, and once you adjust this in your daily morning routine, you can devote more time to it.

This reflection helps you do better than the previous day.

It makes you feel accountable and drives you to perform better in life, relationships, at work and sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Steve Jobs (late), the CEO of Apple, started his days asking himself:

If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I’m about to do today?

It also gives you a clear direction of how you want the rest of your day to be like.

Basically, you don’t wake up with no plan of action, but with a purpose-driven approach to achieve something that day.

It could be a personal or professional goal or both.


2. Meditate

Make your mornings soulful with a 15-minute breathing exercise.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths filling yourself with positive energy by chanting mantras like: I am enough, I am happy and contented with my life, I am talented, beautiful and confident, I love my life.

It has a greater effect if you do this outside in fresh air at the time of sunrise.

While you sit outside exposing yourself to the sun, we want you to look stylish even when you have just woken up.

Why not hide sleepy eyes with these cool shades?

As you can see, these mantras, when spoken loudly as you inhale and exhale, change the state of your brain sending it signals that “all is fine,” thus, resulting in a state of happiness, peace, and calm.

It will have a direct effect on your mood.

Staying optimistic is a major driving force to achieve success in life, so decrease your stress and anxiety with healing words and emotions by including it as an important part of your morning ritual.

Some people like to call these “positive affirmations.”

By using words which uplift your spirits, you can mould your actions accordingly and achieve your dreams.

The key is to do this on a daily basis consistently to reap benefit from it, not just once or sometimes.

Tony Robbins, highest paid life coach and motivational speaker, suggests starting your day by including an “Hour of Power” in your daily morning routine, which includes waking up early and starting the day with meditative breathing.

He also says to create and repeat mantras to guide you through your day.

A mantra is a phrase that you say over and over again for at least 5 minutes out loud.

He recommends, “All I need is within me now,” or try just repeating “I’m happy.”

According to Robbins, when you engage your body and mind with such intensity during mantra, it can change your biochemistry and before you know it, you’ll believe what you’re saying.


3. Gratitude

Something very simple yet forgotten quite commonly by a lot of people is – saying thanks for what we have in life.

Being grateful.

Showing and expressing gratitude for small things like the wind on your face at that moment to having a smiling son to be able to afford your next meal.

Again, say it out loud to the universe and see the difference in your attitude towards life.

When you count your blessings and be appreciative for what you have already got in life, you get rid of negative emotions of frustration, discontentment, greed, jealousy and unhealthy competition.

You attack the day with enthusiasm and are ready to receive what the day brings you.

You don’t complain.

Instead, gratitude makes you humble and down-to-earth to enjoy life’s little pleasures.

Tony Robbins explains why gratitude is a powerful expression in his “15-minutes to fulfillment” morning ritual:

Take inventory of what you’re grateful for with an exercise called “Emotional Flood.” Think of at least a dozen things that make you feel grateful. You can write them in a journal, say them out loud, or close your eyes and count them off in quiet reflection. Spend at least five minutes taking inventory of the good things happening in your life. Trade your expectations for appreciations, and you may notice a positive change!


Key Takeaways

Incorporate these 3 keys to attracting success in your life with a structured morning routine: reflect, meditate and say thanks.

Arianna Huffington, the CEO of The Huffington post follows the same keys that I have mentioned in this article to start off her mornings right.

She says, in her interview for Soul Cycle:

A big part of my morning ritual is about what I don’t do: when I wake up, I don’t start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once I’m awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful, and set my intention for the day. I also practice yoga most mornings. And I breathe!

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