Top 10 Ideas For A Summer Makeover

While summer may be in mid-swing already, you may still not be feeling your summer best.

So, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to get you in the summer groove, and get your makeover juices flowing.

It’s time to change things up.

1. Go Lighter

Lighter locks for this hottie!!! 🔥🔥🔥 @hannah_stuart14

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If there ever was a time for highlights, it’s now.

Balyage, lowlights, highlights, a full colour change or just some fun in the sun with sun lightening enhancers in your locks.

Go subtle with more dip dye effect, a couple of shades lighter than your natural tone.

Or go all out and go for a full colour change to something vibrant and new.

Mermaid hair and pastels are all the rage.

Try a fiery red to literally glow when catching some rays.

The choice is yours.

Match your sunnies to your highlights with these beauties:

2. Go Darker

Ocean air and salty hair ☀️ #milliondollartan

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Sun damage is never pretty, so proceed with caution on this one.

Always use sunblock, and a fake tan is your new best friend.

Some tips for first time users or novices include:

  • Use a self tanner that goes on dark to see where you’ve applied and avoid streakiness; the initial colour washes off and the tan develops underneath
  • Choose a natural shade to start out with, and gradually get darker
  • Reapply once tan develops to intensify
  • Always shave, exfoliate and moisturize before application to avoid darker, dry patches, or blotches
  • Mousse or buildable self tanning moisturizers are great to test the waters

Keep the rays at bay whether by the beach or out and about with these fun Ray-Bans:

3. Bare That Face

While dry shaving your face may seem a little unorthodox, especially for those of us of the female variety, it turns out most beauty gurus swear by it as the holy grail of picture perfect skin and flawless makeup application.

Razors on the ready ladies.

4. Be Daring

Summer is the season for bold prints and trying new trends.

Feel like mixing patterns?

Go for it.

Stripes and florals? Leopard and lace?

The options are endless.

Bright yellow and electric blue block dress? Why not?

Or these printed sunnies? Yes, please.

5.  Wear Bright Colours

💥💥💥 #london #stylematters #gobrightorgohome #spring

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Go bright or go home.

It’s all about colour in the Summer.

Push your nudes and monochromatic pieces aside, and go red from head to toe.

Try crisp white or fluorescent shades, and be the centre of attention in your neon bright colour of choice.

Red, heart shaped sunnies? Get your hands on a pair, here:

6. Change Up Your Hair

Go under the scissors, and get chopped.

Nothing says fresh like a haircut.

Can’t part with your tresses?

Go for a razor sharp trim and some bangs to frame your face, or add in a few layers in the front for some movement.

A discretely edgy undercut is a great way to change it up, but have the versatility to show it or keep it covered.

So, make the change as subtle or as drastic as you like, but try something new.

7. Get Pearly White

Want people to constantly comment on how good you look, but not be able to pinpoint the difference you’ve made?

Lighten those pearly whites a few shades and watch the heads turn.

At home kits with gel, moulds, and lights are readily available.

Or try out some no fuss Crest whitening strips; brace yourself for some sensitivity though.

You’ll look brighter and younger in no time.

Bring in some contrast with some sleek black shades to bring out those pearly whites even more:

8. Go For The Natural Look

My makeup in the morning 😍.I cant live also without #revitalash for eyebrow growth find it at @faceologytirana

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Caking on layers of makeup is never a good look, especially in the summer.

Can anyone say melt?

So, the idea here is to enhance your natural assets sans makeup, focus on your skincare, vitamins, supplements and serums.

Boost your lash or brow power with conditioners like Revitalash or M2 Beaute combat under eye circles from the inside out with silymarin supplements.

Or get a healthy glow with vitamin C infused products.

9. Go Permanent

While microblading may seem a bit drastic, it is not as permanent as you may think.

New techniques and ink last about a year, and appear very natural.

Besides, who doesn’t want to wake up with their brows on fleek daily?

Highlight your newly found brows with some statement sunglasses:

10. Hydrate

A no brainer to many, but some of us can’t bring ourselves to drink enough H2O on a daily basis.

Water has a myriad of not only health, but beauty benefits, so get drinking.


Want to try new sunglasses shapes for the new you? Click here for some inspiration.

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