Summer Shoes For Kids

The thing with wearing summer shoes is that they are lightweight and most times you don’t need to wear socks. It’s the much-needed break from days spent living in thick socks and tights.

It’s a funny thing to say because the weather in the UK has been unsurprisingly shocking.

If you are stuck on shoe ideas for your kids, carry on reading for some style suggestions.

Fun Slip On Trainers

When it’s time to add fun to your look, go for vibrant shades.

It’s likely to be a conversation starter.

You’ve got the red piping, flutter eyelashes, red or pink lips and the delicately placed flower, all together oozes cuteness overload.

Just be ready as your kids will have some serious fun wearing these shoes.

Mini Me Valentino

At one point these were the go to shoes for many female celebrities.

And with the mini me trend on the rise, this is the chance to get your little girl dressing in the same type of footwear as you.

Ordinary sandals are OK, for something edgy, wearing studded sandals are better because it gives a different look.

Funky Platform Sandals

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You may not agree with wearing flatforms as an adult, but on kids, they look just beautiful.

Toddlers, who have somehow mastered the art of walking, will benefit from wearing this sort of footwear that’s fashionable and comfortable.

Here you’ve got the clash of hues and yellow pom poms; the next thing to look for is a matching beautiful outfit.

Ruffle Slip On

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These are adorable.

A clever way to wear the ruffle trend aside from dress, shirt, skirt, trousers, or even handbag.

The sky blue and white shades complement the red colour.

And you have the cute little pom poms that add interest to the look.

Satin Slip On Trainers

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The design gives a fresh twist to a simple footwear.

The brooch and interlocked folded fabric add personality to the trainers.

Cute Rainboot


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In summer, it’s not unusual to have the odd downpour of rain every now and again.

As a style conscious adult, you want to see your little girl looking cute and wearing Mini Melissa rain boot makes that a possibility.

Pink Leather Lace Up

Nothing says cutesy like these soft pink leather shoe.

If you are going to buy her first walking shoes, let your selection be comfortable, fashionable and memorable.

Simple Brown Sandals

Goldie saw a mannequin posing like this in Nordstrom Rack the other day and it's been her go-to ever since. 😂

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When all other shoe options have failed, you can always rely on the good old brown sandals.

And of course, mock buckles with velcro straps are ideal for easy removals.

You can also complete the look with this kid’s appropriate eyewear such as Chloe Kids CE3606S.

High Top Sneakers

Mini lady, bossing me around as any good 4 year old should. 🌸 @3claps

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An alternative to sandals for kids is the fabric based trainers.

Here you’ve got a floral dress with powder blue detailing on the collar, elasticated waist and lace material on the hem with the scalloped design.

And to complete the look, you can opt for sunglasses such as Ray-Ban JUNIOR RJ9064S.

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