Summer Vacation in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. If you are in Greece, or are looking for a weekend getaway, I would highly recommend considering Santorini.

You can find budget as well as super luxury.

It is a place that can work with your budget.

Keep in mind that it is very much a tourist town, which means that it would be much cheaper during off-peak season and that you will be surrounded by a lot of tourists.

The three main places to stay would be Fira, Imerovigli and Oia.

We stayed in Oia so that we could get a view of the caldera, and also we wanted a bit more of a peaceful holiday, whereas you will get a lot more nightlife options in Fira.

Regardless of where in Santorini you are staying, try fit in these experiences into your trip.

Beautiful Sunsets

There is nothing like a sunset over the caldera – make a trip to Oia or Imerovigli to enjoy a cocktail whilst the sun sets.

Be warned however, this is a popular activity, so Oia can get pretty busy during this time of the day.

I would suggest either coming early and setting yourself up, or alternatively head to Imerovigli instead.

It is less crowded so you may just be a little more comfortable.

If you are in Santorini for more than one night, then perhaps experience both – even with the busy crowd, there is a certain energy that is so addictive.

Choose Your Hotel

As mentioned, you can find a hotel that matches your budget.

However, if you are happy to spend a bit more, choose your hotel well.

There are so many beautiful hotels to experience, with stunning views of the caldera, amazing swimming pools and the best hospitality.

Try to get your bookings done in advance – that way you can stay at a beautiful hotel without having to spend an arm and a leg.

Obviously it is still all relative.

Delicious Greek Food

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One of the greatest joys of Greece is the food.

Whilst in Santorini, you will find a lot of tourist-targeted restaurants, but try find something as authentic as possible.

Sometimes, it’s best to ask your hotel staff where to find the most authentic taverna – they may know better.

And if you want a change from Greek food (though this may not be likely), there is an incredibly located Mexican restaurant called Senior Zorba which is worth checking out.

Note: go during the day/evening whilst you can still see the caldera below you.

Gaze Into The Caldera

I think this speaks for itself – the caldera is breathtaking.

Visit The Red Beach

The red beach has red sand (am I stating the obvious?).

The water however, is pretty cold so we ended up going for a quick dip and then heading over to the black beach where the waters were a little warmer.

Take a pair of sunglasses with you to keep you protected.

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Volcano Hike Day Trip

If you have the time, its worth doing a day trip to the volcano.

You join a boat tour that takes you to the volcano, a beach as well as some hot springs.

It’s also a good way of seeing the town from a different vantage point.

Explore The Town

Even if all you do in Santorini is laze around, enjoy the views and walk around the town – you will have done the place justice.

Take some time to walk through the narrow stepped passageways, and marvel at the beautiful blue and white buildings built on the cliff side.


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