Top Statement Looks For Summer ’17

Summer's Top Statement Looks

One of the easiest ways to instantly update your wardrobe for summer is to invest in one or two key statement accessories or items of clothing. A statement piece allows you to easily and affordably showcase your individuality and style, and it’s a trend being picked up this season by many celebrities and fashionistas.

Continue reading below to have a look at some of the key statement accessories and looks trending for Summer 2017.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses


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Statement cat-eye sunglasses are making a big impact this summer, with many brands such as Fendi featuring them heavily in their SS17 collection.

Model Evelina’s sunglasses above feature a gorgeous oversized cat-eye shape and a colourful gradient lens, making them the standout piece in her outfit.

Grab a piece of the statement cat-eye sunglasses action with the Fendi FF 0190/S. We love their pink tinted lenses, slim metal frames and beautiful triangle metal embellishment.

Fendi FF 0190/S

Fendi FF 0190/S

Knee-High Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals have been a key summer staple for many years, but new, knee-high versions are making a big splash this season.

YouTuber Lydia Millen looks gorgeous in these black sandals above, and demonstrates how fab they can look paired with a pretty summer dress.

If these black sandals are a bit too bold for you, then why not have a look at the nude and brown versions which are in the shops at the moment?

Yellow Accessories

One of the most summery colours around, yellow accessories are popping up everywhere. It is a colour which is guaranteed to brighten up any outfit.

YouTuber Estee Lalonde is sporting a gorgeous lemon yellow colour here, which is the lovely, subtle addition to her outfit.

If you are feeling brave, then neon yellow accessories are also popular this season. It is a colour which also looks fabulous worn with a tan, but suits many different complexions and hair colours.

Grab a yellow handbag, a necklace, a pair of shoes or even a yellow bikini.

Layered Necklaces

Neon pink, denim & jewels 💖

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Another really easy way to update your summer outfit is to invest in a set of layering necklaces, like YouTuber Fleur here.

Layered necklaces lend a fun, boho vibe to any look, and can be subtle like Fleur’s here, or can be much bolder and more statement if you prefer.

Go Animal Print

Animal print trends have been around for years, and it is just as popular for 2017 as it has been in previous seasons.

Animal print makes any outfit look bold, fresh and fashion-forward, and is easily incorporated into any look through accessories or clothing.

Be it crocodile print, cheetah, tiger, zebra of leopard like Lily Melrose wears here, it is a versatile yet statement option for those who wish to instantly add some fun to their look.

Heeled Boots

You wouldn’t normally associate heeled leather ankle boots with being wearable in summer, but YouTuber and fashionista Laura Blair proves here how well they can work with a pretty summer dress.

Teaming these two juxtaposing pieces will elevate your summer look to new levels of cool, whilst also being super comfortable at the same time!


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