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Sounds and vibes are a part of our life, our friend for sunny days, or blue moods. We identify ourselves with the songs we listen to, and we tend to transform our favorite musicians into Gods on earth who can save us from our misery.

Nonetheless, there is an interesting mix between music and lifestyle as many people are inclined to adapt their fashion choices from their adored music style.

It doesn’t matter if it’s pop, dance, drum and base, rock or house.

Diversity is not forbidden, but encouraged when attempting to dress like your favorite music star.

If your want to capture the image of a musical superstar who wears glasses, sunglasses or funky glasses in music videos, then this article is for you.

Mr. Worldwide

Denver, It's going down #EnriquePitbullTour

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If you love rap and Cuba, then Pitbull is your guilty pleasure.

With Billboard hits like I know you want me, Give me everything, Feel this moment or Hotel Room Service, the artist has conquered the world.

His distinctive image with dark sunglasses and expensive suits has become a trademark in the music industry.

If you want to impress the party with a Latin vibe, then a dark slim-fit suit will do the job.

Another asset: the Carrera CARRERA 1005/S will generate a powerful message to the crowd as the large lenses are a highlight of the product.

The chromatic is dominated by a joyful play of black and gray and the temples are ideal for a comfortable and young look.

The ball is in your court now so Dale!

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The Beatles

John Lennon has been an idol for millions of music lovers all around the world.

He will always remain iconic for his inspirational work and artistic impact.

If Imagine is still on your mind after 46 years, then we know exactly what you need for the party: a fashionable copy of the glasses worn by Lennon: the Oakley OX5085 MADMAN

With lightweight frames and a stylish design, this pair combines every element to create a cool product.

With a unique profile of the glasses, brilliant single-vision or progressives lenses and an easy-to-wear feature, there is no surprise people will think John Lennon is back in business.

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Royal Pop

When she started her ascendancy on the music stage, Lady Gaga remained famous for her sexy look in the video for the Poker Face single.

Those sunglasses remain legendary even today as the Queen of Pop started to dismantle her rivals after the release of this song.

If you want to imitate Gaga, we offer you the best alternative: the Marc Jacobs MARC 54/S. 

With round-shaped lenses which combine dark colors with vibrant chromatic influences such as orange or pink, there is no question if your eyewear choice will be stylish.

Designed to give you that true addiction to wear the sunglasses, Marc Jacobs has produced a spectacular frame for fashionistas who want to go for funky, cool and young.

Add the fact they are semi-rimless, so you will just remain silent. Royal flush.

Snoop Dogg

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If you look for another classic choice, and you love the American rap, then I guess Snoop Dogg is present in your daily playlist.

You want to show everyone at the party that you are as cool as the Californian-born singer.

If your wish is to get at least 40% of his look, we recommend the Ray-Ban RB8058.

It’s not the typical pair of Aviators, but it does offer you a unique design because of the lightweight titanium bridge which will make you the most stylish rapper at the party.

Add polarized lenses and easy-to-wear temples and you will be in paradise.

If sunny and young is your style, grab ’em like they’re hot.


Style For The Weekend

She might not be the future-to-be-wife of Orlando Bloom, but Katy Perry is an international star and one of the most respected and prestigious singers of modern days.

Your anthem of the weekend is TGIF and you always remember that geek look from the video.

Well, you will be a unique presence at the party as no one will be able to ignore your funny outfit.

We chose the perfect product: Oliver Goldsmith OLI013 – AJAX

With acetate frames and lenses ideal for protecting your eyes as they can be single-vision or progressives, you will be one step closer to being Katy.

The pair is modern and cool as it features innovative colored frames such as dark Havana or crystal gray.

You can go for gold with this magnificent item and guarantee an award at the end of the music theme party.

Are movies your other love? Check the eyewear options for a Hollywood theme party

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