The Best Men’s Brands for Functional Winter Eyewear

winter eyewear brands for men

Looking for a reliable brand of eyewear that can protect your eyes this winter whilst still looking stylish? Keeping your eyes shielded from the sun’s harmful UV rays is essential for optimum eye health.

So it’s important to find an eyewear brand you can trust, one that ticks all the boxes (including fashion and function). Here are some of the best men’s brands for functional winter eyewear.


Oakley sunglasses are designed with the most innovative technology. Including High Definition Optics® (HDO®) lenses, designed to enhance safety and performance, and to meet the demands of everyday or for professional sports. As well as Oakley HDPolarized Technology for maximum glare prevention. But not all polarized lenses are made equal according to Oakley; most polarized lenses feature multiple layers, with glues and films that can distort your vision. Oakley lenses are different, using just one single lens for the best visual clarity that there is to offer.

So if you want sunglasses that are both stylish and practical, check out the Oakley eyewear range online at SelectSpecs. These Oakley OO9135 JUPITER frames have a unique wood effect finish, cool Oakley branding on the side and polarized lenses for the best vision possible.

Oakley OO9135 JUPITER SQUARED (Polarized)

Oakley OO9135 JUPITER SQUARED (Polarized)




One of the most iconic sunglasses brands of our time. Ray-Ban has been recognised over the years for some signature eyewear looks, including the Ray-Ban Aviator, the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster. This popular brand has put a lot of focus on creating the right lenses for every need; Ray-Ban lenses are designed with a technological DNA and developed with a lifestyle calling. Their collections feature everything from classic lenses, gradient lenses and prescription lenses to polarised and chromance lenses for colour enhancement. Some of their special lenses now include mirror lenses for glare reduction and the limited edition ‘Legends’ lenses for better clarity of vision and remarkable colour contrast.

These Ray-Ban RB3025JM aviator sunglasses feature photochromic lenses that darken/lighten on exposure so you can have glasses that adapt to your environment at all times. Talk about style and function…

photocromatic ray ban

Ray-Ban RB3025JM AVIATOR FULL COLOR (Photocromatic)



The Carrera brand is renowned for mixing fashion and function seamlessly. Born in 1956, the Carrera brand was named after the fastest, most dangerous car race in the world, the Carrera Panamericana. So their eyewear was born from a passion for an active lifestyle. Ten years on, the sports eyewear brand patented their ‘Optyl’ sunglasses, an innovative plastic design that weighed 20% less than any acetate around. Making Carrera the number one choice for anyone who wanted both style and comfort. And after sponsoring various sporting events over the decades, the brand hasn’t looked back since.

Today, the collections feature retro design and sunglasses that are designed specifically for outdoor activities. The CARRERA 1005/S frames feature an iconic soft-pilot silhouette for full coverage and gradient lenses to suit all lighting conditions. Shop now…

eyewear brands for men sporty




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