The Best of Fall/Winter 2015 Campaigns (So Far…)


Don’t worry; we’re not letting go of summer just yet!  We’re holding onto to every last bit of sunshine, but when your favourite fashion houses start releasing their gorgeous advertising campaigns for Fall/Winter, well, why not take a peek?

With so many coming out maybe it does get us looking forward to snuggling up against a warm fire just a little bit.  So we’ve rounded up our favourites, so far, of which brands have grand visions for your specs in the near future.


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Dior take their eyewear campaigns very seriously, especially since their previous season’s Dior DIORSOREAL sunglasses received huge popularity and are no longer available anywhere.  Seriously, you can’t get them anywhere.  So it makes sense then to revamp their design for the upcoming fall/winter months.  Three words: we want them.  (Browse Dior eyewear here.)



Photographer Michal Pudelka really plays with the upcoming collections textures and materials, with the contrast to the model’s natural hair colours and features.  A new look aviator featured here under light and composition which isn’t as clean and neat as your typical designer ad, which makes it all the more interesting…  (Browse Valentino eyewear here.)

Roberto Cavalli


Singer Ciara was pulled in to encapsulate the feel of Roberto Cavalli’s aqua-green direction for fall/winter 2015.  Rewind back to Spring/Summer where Nicki Minaj was the face to their campaign and you got a brand that isn’t scared to glam up powerful ladies of hip hop into classy sunglasses and opticals like the white rounded pair above.  (Browse Roberto Cavalli eyewear here.)



Under artistic direction from Donatella Versace herself she said the new campaign, featuring Karlie Kloss, is “pure Versace.”  We definitely agree, as she went on to say “the power of colour, cut and the new #GREEK motif speak for themselves.”  We’re glad to see the classic gold Versace logo hasn’t gone a miss on their eyewear either.  (Browse Versace eyewear here.)


Prada’s “ironic ode to meta-modern femininity” for fall/winter is quite engrossing. The aesthetic of the collection shown in this video look like a big mash up of Prada and Miu Miu designs mixed together, with an almost robotic conveyor belt of models trying to showcase it all.  Of course our favourite bit is the line of models taking off white-rim square and overszied sunnies.  (Browse Prada eyewear here.)



Reporting on Katy Perry for Moschino back in June we still catch ourselves looking over these pictures and feeling quite excited for Moschino’s new eyewear!  Could Katy Perry be more of a perfect brand ambassador?  We’ve spotted her wearing Moschino sunnies on a number of occasions before and sincerely hope it won’t be the last we see of this collaboration.  (Browse Moschino eyewear here.)

Max Mara


Max Mara’s eyewear has always been timeless yet modern with this season delivering new models showing vintage designs but taken to a new comfort level.  Of course, when it’s Gigi Hadid wearing them she makes daytime glamour look effortlessly easy.  (Browse Max Mara eyewear here.)

Miu Miu


Miu Miu have never shied away from out-there designs, especially when it comes to their eyewear.  Just by looking at one of the snaps of their campaign above you get the impression how out-there they go and this fall/winter sees them embracing the huge seventies-esque square frame.  We can’t wait to see more from this collection!  (Browse Miu Miu here.)

Which brand’s campaign grabs your attention? Have we missed a brand or campaign? Let us know in the comments section below!

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