The Best Specs for You Based on Your Choice of Coffee

If you aren’t a coffee person, are you sure? Have you tried it? There’s a decaf option, still nothing?

For those of us who are then, we’ve found an interesting correlation between the coffee you choose to drink and your choice of glasses and eyewear. You may not see the connection, but read on to find it, and maybe your next pair of specs too.

Frappuccino Wild Child

PFFT, who needs a ladder? #PumpkinSpiceFrappuccino

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The Frappuccino is the queen bee of all coffees, and for good reason, it has a little bit of everything. Syrups and flavours, whipped cream, espresso shots, iced, sweetened and garnished. Frappuccino lovers like it all, so their choice of specs is on trend and out there, like these ‘look at me’ blue patterned OMG! Eyewear 6012 wonders.

OMG! Eyewear 6012

Simplistic Black American Brew

En sevdiğim kelime: naif💙

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The classic coffee lover, you like your coffee basic, no fuss, you like to savour the taste of the roast, and you love your simple pleasures. The natural round wooden glasses from Charles Stone New York NY554 are as simple as they are artistically made. Grab your pair below, all the better to enjoy the view.

Charles Stone New York NY554

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Latte Lady

You like a little cream in your coffee, maybe a touch of froth too, a classic, with a little something extra. The MARC 189 marbled glasses from Marc Jacobs with a hint of blue are your perfect choice, not only are they a face-flattering shape, but they are on trend without being too attention seeking. All set.

Marc Jacobs MARC 189

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Decaf Diva

Marshmallow PSL with homemade syrup #herfstleef #psl #fancycoffee #therealcovfefe

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A homebody, health fanatic or just a comfort seeker, grab your cup of joe with your choice of creamy topping and make it your night-cap. Marshmallows with coffee? Why not, this night-time friendly drink won’t interrupt your REM cycle but will still give you the much needed flavourful addition to your evening.

These subtly colourful animal print specs are the Icy Eyewear – Plastics Icy 278 and they’re just the right amount of fun for you.

Icy Eyewear – Plastics Icy 278

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Fancy Coffee Connoisseur

#fancycoffee #thegroundofalexandria #morningstroll #weekendvibes ☕️☕️☕️

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You like to pamper yourself, you know what you want and you go get it, indulgence is your middle name. When you order your coffee the presentation is an art form before you even get started on the taste. These delicate 6055 glasses from i Wear are a classy statement piece and will make you look like a million bucks without even trying. Effortless style, check and double check.

i Wear 6055

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Iced Coffee Individual

You want to have your cake and eat it too. You want your daily dose of caffeine and need the pick me up it provides, but you’re also a multitasker and need refreshment and an easy iced coffee can be thrown back fast or savoured slowly.

As an on the go fashionista, you need specs that will be sturdy, stay put but also look great and be a statement when you need one, these simple Infinity SR8029 blue glasses will go with nearly everything and last you for ages.

Infinity SR8029

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Wanna be inspired by something other than your cup of joe? Here are the top celebrity looks of the moment for your viewing pleasure.

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