The Best Sunglasses for Diamond-Shaped Faces

People with a diamond-shaped face should be proud of having the most unique of all face shapes. If this is your case and you are looking for the most suitable frames for your shades, keep on reading as you will learn to choose the right frame and the result will be astonishing!

If you are not sure if your face is diamond shaped, have a look at my post about face shapes if you haven’t done so already, as it will help you ascertain very easily which shape your face fits in.

Who has a diamond face shape?

Reese Whiterspoon, Shakira and Elizabeth Hurley.



The best sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces are those which draw attention to the eyes. You should choose a frame that isn’t wider than your cheekbones. Shades with soft curves, such as oval shapes or those which are narrower on the bottom and wider at the top, will help balance your face features.

Cat-eye frames or models that add width at the brow (with decoration or colour at the top of the frame, for example) are a good choice for people with a diamond shape face. Avoid going for narrow frames.

Here you are my choice of sunglasses to match those unique diamond-shaped faces out there and make proud wearers look stunning!

Sisley SY628S

Sisley-SY628S-Sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

When it comes to sunglasses, Sisley is always innovative. I love the SY628S model because it blends perfectly the two most flattering styles for diamond face shapes: cat-eye and an oval curve. You will look marvelous for less than £75 and have four wonderful colour combinations to choose from.

Ray-Ban RB4191

RB4191Buy Now »

If the pair above is too daring for you, you can always go for this outstanding pair of oval-framed Ray-Ban RB4191. They are not just very elegant, but the sort of frame that is everlastingly in fashion. They can also be prescription sunglasses and still fall under £100!

Tom Ford FT0304 Nastasya

Tom-Ford-Nastasya-sunglasses-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

Diamond-shaped faces will always look spectacular in cat-eye frames but if you go for Tom Ford’s remarkable FT0304 Nastasya, you will be the absolute star at any event. This stylish model comes in silver and gold and will make any outfit appear instantly glamorous!

Moschino MO267S


Buy Now »

Cat-eye frames’ lovers will absolutely die for the Moschino MO267S. The high-brow decoration at the top of the frame favours features of a diamond-shaped face and you can be sure of turn heads with this classy and spectacular pair of sunglasses!

If you have a face with a diamond shape, I’d love to hear your comments about the suggestions above and to see what frames you prefer. Send us your pictures or comments to @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram!

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