The Best Sunglasses for Heart-shaped Faces

Knowing your face shape is a great asset when it comes to selecting frames. During the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to help you learn how to use your curves and angles to find the styles that suit you best and make you look amazing in your new pair of shades.

If you missed my previous posts, you can start by checking the first one about face shapes and this elucidating clip to find out how to measure your face to determine the shape.

Today, I’m going to look at the very distinguishable heart or triangle-shaped faces. They are broad on the forehead, wide on the cheekbones and narrow and small on the chin. This face shape is prominent in wide-eyed ladies but less common in guys.

Who has a heart-shaped face?

Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna and Lisa Kudrow.


If this is your face type, you should aim at choosing a frame which isn’t too wide (as wide as your face is enough) or bold in appearance. Frames which feature wide lower edges with no straight lines along the top are a good choice.

You should go for cat-eye styles, bottom-heavy frames, rectangle, retro square or rimless frames which are light in colour. Some people recommend aviator frames for this face type but I would discourage you from using them as they only imitate the shape of your face, instead of balancing it.

Here you are some suggestions to emphasize your charming face features!

Emporio Armani 4030

Emporio-Armani-4030-sunglassesBuy Now »

Emporio Armani shades are widely recognisable by its iconic eagle logo on each temple, instantly associated with luxury and status. The Emporio Armani 4030 is no exception to the rule and they are an amazing choice for your lovely heart-shaped face. This classic frame shape has been given a contemporary twist, resulting in a versatile pair of sunglasses which are extremely wearable. The lovely pattern is available in four different delicate colour combinations for just £100!

Marc Jacobs MMJ 388/S

marc-by-marc-jacobs-MMJ-388-sunglassesBuy Now »

Marc Jacobs is capable of bringing together a thousand different moods in a single design. The spectacular MMJ 388/S conveys a contemporary style, smartly blended with elegance and vintage fashion. Gracious heart-shaped wearers will confidently show them off as they instantly deliver the message “Hey, look how good I look!” to passers-by! This wonderful model is unisex and you can get them for less than £90.

Moschino MO758S

moschino-MO758S-sunglassesBuy Now »

This remarkable model by Moschino MO758S seems to have been conceived to enhance the pretty features of heart-shaped faces. With a classic shape, a refined colour and a brand widely known for simple sophistication you can be sure to dazzle whatever the occasion!

Tom Ford FT0387

Tom-Ford-0387-sunglassesBuy Now »

If you enjoy the culture of the fifties or like that nostalgic yesteryear feeling, you will love these trendy sunglasses by Tom Ford. The FT0387 feature an outstandingly elegant frame and a subtle colour making it a great addition to any outfit. These sunglasses are available in a variety of breathtaking and trendy colours which will all keep you looking extremely chic and stylish!

Ray-Ban RB2176 Clubmaster Folding

RB2176Buy Now »

The RB2176 Clubmaster is timeless classic by Ray-Ban that is as trendy and iconic today as it was when they were the sunglasses of choice of civil rights leaders and counter-culture brains. The foldable version is a masterpiece that can easily be stored in your pocket to minimize damage. They have polarised lenses and are suitable for men and women so you can both look as cool!

I would love to see which shades pretty heart-shaped faces out there go for so, leave your comments in the box below or tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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