The Best Sunglasses for Round Faces


If you have a round face, you’re in great company because it is one of the most frequent face shapes. It can be slightly difficult to tell a round-shaped face from an oval one, but if you watch this clip and read my previous post about face shapes, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Round faces have few angles in the face, round cheeks and chin. The face is proportionate as the width is almost the same as the length. Thus, people with these characteristics try to make their face look thinner and longer and the good news is that using sunglasses is one of the best ways to accomplish this!

Who has a round face shape?

It is always good to know which celebrities share your face shape because what looks good on them is likely to look good on you too.  Famous celebrities with round faces are Geri Haliwell, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Christina Ricci.


If your face shape is round, you want to look for rectangular, square or shield frames. The bigger the glasses, the longer your face will seem. For example, big Cat Eye frames will provide the effect of a thinner profile. You want to stay away from frames that are curvy or round, which will add too much curve to your face.

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarers

ray-ban-new-wayfarer-rb2132-at-selectspecsBuy Now »

The Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer is the ideal model, and probably the most popular, when it comes to round-shaped faces.  It’s classic rectangular design has proven itself to be timeless in the world of fashion and particularly compliments a round shape well.  Check out the price, you may be surprised.

Céline CL 41054/S


Buy Now »

Céline seems to design sunglasses purely made for round faces; you just need to have a look at this selection of Céline sunglasses to be sure about it. Perhaps too retro for some, but we love the clean lines of the Céline CL 41054/S, its sophisticated design and comfort level are specially designed for everyday use. Similar designs are available from the Paris Fashion House brand, all incredibly durable.


dior_diorladyr_sunglasses_at_selectspecsBuy Now »

Another superb pair of sunglasses by Dior.  The DIORLADY2R evokes glamour and sophistication and with its lovely pattern, it’s the perfect choice for a seductive, yet elegant set of shades. They can also be prescription glasses and there is a wide range of colour combinations to choose from for just over £150!

Tiffany TF4043B

Tiffany_TF4043B_sunglasses_at_selectspecsBuy Now »

This exquisite pair of sunglasses by Tiffany is ideal for anyone wanting a classic yet contemporary eyewear option. The jewellery and the Tiffany logo feature at each temple create a truly luxurious touch, to finish the frame with an air of panache. They are suitable for prescription lenses too.

Crocs CS030

Crocs_CS030_sunglasses_at_selectspecsBuy Now »

Crocs may not be widely known for its eyewear division, yet with models such as the casual Crocs CS030, the brand’s popularity for eyewear fashion is likely to sky-rocket soon. With an amazing price tag of less than £60 for such an easygoing pair of shades, which is also suitable for prescription lenses, it is sure to sell out soon!

I’d love to know your opinion about my selection of sunglasses for round faces and would be great to see which models you go for. Share your pictures with us on the social links below and tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram.

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