The Best Sunglasses for Your Winter Getaway

Are you counting down the days until your winter holiday? Lucky you! While you’re probably planning your itinerary and shopping for new clothes, have you considered your choice of eyewear? With endless rainy and dull days at home, it can be easy to forget about sunglasses for your winter getaway, but they’re actually one of the most important things you should pack.

It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to tropical climates or planning a European city break, it’s always vital that you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays when you’re spending time outdoors, even in winter.

So, whether you’re hitting the slopes or eagerly anticipating a week in the sun, don’t forget your sunglasses. Here are some of the best styles to suit every type of winter holiday.

Statement Shades for Beach Holidays


A beach holiday is the perfect remedy for chasing away the winter blues, isn’t it? There’s nothing better than a week of sun, sea and relaxation to lift your spirits. While sunshine is just what you need after months of disappointing weather, it could damage your eyes if you’re not careful. To be safe, look for sunglasses with strong UV protection or polarised lenses. And when it comes to styles that are suitable for summer vacations, we say the brighter and bolder the better!

These super-stylish and budget-friendly Savannah 8121 wayfarer sunglasses are perfect for sunny days overseas. The lenses are labeled as UV400 which means that they block all UVA and UVB rays, giving you 100% protection from the sun. Oh…and the bold blue shade will look perfect with a tan as you sip cocktails by the beach. The Savannah 8121 is available in a range of vibrant colours to match your holiday wardrobe.

Savannah 8121 sunglasses

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If you want to look cool by the pool, check out these aviator glasses. The Ray Ban RB3025 feature matt gold frames and polarised lenses – a high quality finish that will completely protect your eyes from dangerous sun rays. We love the sunset-inspired orange effect too.


Ray Ban RB3025

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Stylish Sunglasses for City Breaks


Of course, not everyone wants to spend their holiday time on the beach; some of us prefer the buzz and fast pace of the city. Whether you’re heading to Milan or spending Christmas in New York, cities are renowned for being full of fashionable people, so make sure you look the part with a pair of stylish sunglasses. While many cities will be cold at this time of year, a great pair of sunglasses will also shield your eyes from any bursts of sun as you pound the pavement between attractions.

Designer sunglasses are a must-have for a stylish weekend break and the Celine CL 41374/S sunglasses have ‘city chic’ written all over them. These classic aviator frames are finished in tortoiseshell with gold bridge detail and are also available in black.

Celine CL 41274/S

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Of course, you can’t beat a pair of classic Ray Ban wayfarers when you’re looking for the cool factor. The Ray Ban RB2132 are finished in classic black are the ultimate holiday accessory with 100% UV protection, guaranteed quality and a timeless style.

Ray Ban RB2132

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Sporty Eyewear for Ski Trips


Winter is the perfect time to strap on your skis or snowboard and enjoy the adrenaline rush of an adventure holiday in Aspen or the Alps. However, all of that white snow can cause quite some glare and as any good winter sportsman or woman should know, sunglasses are an essential piece of kit to pack along with your skiwear. To protect your eyes from snow blindness and any ice spray, wrap around glasses are the best style for your winter holiday.

The Bolle Vortex ORICA GreenEDGE are built for some serious skiing, with a sleek sporty shape that wraps around the face and a lightweight design to enhance your performance. The anti-impact, photochromic lenses automatically darken when exposed to bright light and are available in limited edition green.

Bolle Vortex ORICA GreenEDGE

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If you want to look your best on the ski slopes, go for wrap-around shades with a fashionable edge. The Bolle Solden sunglasses feature retro, over-sized frames in glossy black that will look as just amazing apres-ski as they will in the mountains.  Or if you’re a serious snow sport enthusiast, we’ve launched a Goggles section on the website just for you.



Bolle Solden

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So whatever your winter destination, we recommend that you don’t leave home without at least one pair of sunglasses in your carry on. Find a full range of designs online at SelectSpecs.

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