The Evolution of Superman’s Glasses Through the Ages 


Are we on Batman vs Superman already?  Or is it Superman vs Godzilla?  Whether it’s a masked hero fighting it out against a known enemy or Fury v Klitschko, one thing is certain; box office bravado will follow swiftly after.

The gloves are well and truly off as many of us clamber to grab a piece of this movie action.  So get ready for plenty of pows, a ton of thwacks and more.

No one can deny the impact which both movie characters have had.  From the caped crusader in Gotham to the specie four eyed super hero Clark Kent, Batman and Superman unite for the first time.  It tells the tale after Metropolis has been completely destroyed with Batman preparing to lock horns with Superman.

History is all about the making of it.  However we’re gonna have to wait until March 2016 for this event to come to fruition.  Why?  Well that’s when Batman vs Superman hits the silver screen.  To give it its full title (drumroll please) it is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The original Superman was none other than Christopher Reeve. He was relatively unknown before bursting onto the scene in 1978.  This was long before Superman became a cult following for millions, which wasn’t just down to the blue Spandex but Reeve’s role itself.

But it’s those thick-rimmed specs Superman is most renowned for. Through the ages, he has protected his identity through the most iconic of eyewear. From Kirk Alyn and George Reeves to modern day Henry Cavill and don’t forget Dean Cain who took centre stage in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman – it was all the glasses that took the focus when worn by Clark Kent!

But let’s for a moment take a journey down memory lane to “look” at the evolution of Superman’s specs:

Kirk Alyn


So it was Kirk Alyn who first took on Superman’s secret disguise and began the love affair we all know and love with the man of steel.  Alyn actually started out in a pair of wire framed glasses just three years after the end of World War Two, a choice perhaps not best remembered for being Superman’s most iconic specs.  Closest match: Stellar A13.


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George Reeves


Meanwhile, George Reeves happened to be a fan of the tortoise shell glass approach which made him particularly assertive in some situations.  The Superman frame evolution begins whilst simultaneously showing how glasses can add that shroud of mystery.  Closest match: Boss Orange 0201.

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Christopher Reeve


Introducing the man that changed it all; Christopher Reeve.  Perhaps everyone’s most loved Superman, it’s almost as if he was born for this role.  As well as embodying that all-American spirit of the man of steel, he also brought in a new fumbling, clumsy Clark Kent who didn’t seem to be always on the ball.  Irritating to even love-interest Lois Lane at times, his floundering disguise will never have people the finger pointing to him when guessing who Superman really is!  Closet match: Savannah 2444.


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Dean Cain


Remember those Saturday mornings trying to get up early in time not to miss the Superman TV series?  Fast forward to Dean Cain and his weapon of choice was undoubtedly the horn rimmed look, a slightly classier take on Clark’s previous iconic look.  Closest match: Hallmark F3019.


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Tom Welling


As a youthful Clark Kent in Smallville, Tom Welling showed us a more modern and sleek outlook, whilst he went back to the square and thick-rimmed frame from before the frame were more professional rather than geeky.  Closest match: Ray-Ban RX5225.


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Brandon Routh


Let’s not forget Brandon Routh’s performance back in 2006, perhaps sadly missed by most fans.  You can start seeing a trend here; the thick-rimmed style for some reason just seem to work on Clark and Brandon has taken that approach here, although with a more subtle design.  Closest match: Infinity A6678.


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Henry Cavill


Finally, the man of the moment Henry Cavill opted for a grittier persona, probably much from the direction of Zack Snyder. This was thanks to a specific pair of dark framed glasses as black as the night’s sky, this is set to be the follow up of all follow ups.  Closest match: Hallmark BL6288.


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Director Zack Snyder is again the brains behind this graphic comic epic and has already produced several graphic style movies.

So who should you look out for? Some of the stars who have put pen to paper feature Laurence Fishburne, Brit legend Jeremy Irons and Ben Affleck. Naturally, many are going wild for the caped crusaders in the run up to next year’s release.

Looking back through the many Superman’s of yesteryear who would you pick as the best and more importantly, who’s eyewear do you think is the most iconic?  We think you can already guess who it might be for us!

Let us know in the comments section below and whether you think the man, the glasses and the film will live up to expectation.

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