The Eyewear Accessories We Love

When you invest in a pair of glasses it could be for many reasons. Style and fashion are both important factors, as is your eye health. Here at SelectSpecs, we love optical accessories, not only because they add additional benefits onto your glasses, but because they can serve as great fashion accessories.

We’ve included some of our favourite functional and fashionable optical accessories below.

Eyewear cases

If you wear glasses, you probably understand the difficulty of finding a case that can offer you both style and quality. The main function of a glasses case is to protect your glasses against pressure or scratches, but you also want something fun and a bit different.

Stock eyeglass cases can be good up to a certain point, but if you really want to keep your eyeglasses safe in the long run, then its best to invest in something that you want to keep with you every day. When buying an eyeglasses case, consider its durability, its portability, its weight and its overall design.

The Oakley Square O Hard Case with USA flag print design puts the fun back into eyeglass cases!


Eye care

Sometimes you may find your eyes need a little extra care. With the cold winter months fast approaching and indoor heaters and air conditioning used frequently, irritated skin and eyes are becoming an increasing problem. The Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray helps to relieve, repair and restore dry and irritated eyes. It’s great for on the go as it can be applied when you’re wearing contact lenses too.

It’s a clinically tested product, safe and an ultra-effective solution to dry eyes. The product is designed to be sprayed on closed eyes, so it’s great for sensitive eyes. The spray gathers at the edges of your eyelids before working the formula across the surface of your eye. It’s suitable for use at home or while travelling, and it’s a great alternative to eye drops.

The Optrex Optrex Actimist 2 in 1 Eye Spray is great for dry, irritated eyes.

Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles have so many benefits. Some of the pros include the ability to see clearly underwater, protection against harmful chemicals and an enhanced swimming experience. With so many styles, designs and colours out there, you can choose the goggle that’s right for you. You can also opt for a prescription lens. This will help you see just as clearly underwater as you do in real life. Life shouldn’t stop just because you can’t wear your glasses in the water.

The Optical accessories Prescription Swimming Goggles enable you to see just as clearly underwater as you do in real life.

Reading glasses

As a cheaper alternative to prescription glasses, ready-made readers became popular in the 90s. They’re available in lots of fun colours and styles so you can try on different looks without spending a lot of money. They’re a great way to experiment and accessorise your outfit. They’re a great option if you want to pick up a pair to tide you over, but with full custom prescription glasses starting at £6 per pair you have loads of options.
The Univo Readers Readers R11B in tortoise-print is a fun way to dress up and accessorise your look.
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