The Low-Down on Vintage Style Glasses

Vintage. What does that word mean to you? Does it mean classic, black and white films or old cars? Does it mean 1950s outfits or 1920s flapper girl dresses?

Whatever it means to you, vintage has always been a popular style to have. Whether you collect old vinyl records or wear polka-dot A-line skirts, vintage has been ‘revamped’ to be an eclectic and unique thing for those who like to stand out.

“But what about eyewear?” I hear you shout. “How can your glasses add to a vintage look?” Well, changing your frames can really make a big impact to an outfit, so if vintage is what you’re after, here’s how to do it.


During the 1920s, it was popular to have round, circular glasses. Actor Harold Lloyd wore tortoiseshell ones, which became a hit in Hollywood.

As fashion truly does repeat itself, this style is popular once again and now there is a wide variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Tortoiseshell will always be a favourite – and what’s not to love? It’s versatile and easy to pair with lots of different outfits.


These pair of specs would look great when paired with floral, yet simple designs. Or, if you prefer, polka-dots would help bring the look together.

This peplum top (below) has a pleated edge around the hem, creating a ‘frilled’ effect, perfect for a vintage outfit! Hooped earrings would accentuate the round shape and, to really stand out, why not try a headscarf, too?

A pretty peplum number for @chloeplumstead – grab yours now!

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Cat-eye glasses are recognisable by their ‘upsweep’ shape at the outer corners. Quintessentially vintage, these frames are a ‘go-to’ when it comes to antique style.

Marilyn Monroe famously wore the frames, producing an angular look for a rounder face-shape. Now, bright colours seem the way to go in order to create a centrepiece to an outfit.

Here, the glasses certainly are the centre of attention! Contrasting the bright colour with a monochrome outfit is sophisticated, yet still shouts vintage. The simple necktie is bring this modern/urban look together.



Oversized glasses were made popular by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s. If you’re thinking about making your vintage style a little more modern, then these frames would be the ones for you.

Styling your hair with plaits would help these glasses stand out more – no use covering them up! This style below is beautifully vintage, for example.

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These glasses would suit a ‘dressed up’ look – a skirt just below the knee and some cute little kitten heels would balance out the oversized specs. Perhaps add a frilled shirt to look extra smart, or a thick woolly jumper if you want to keep it more casual. Plus, you can channel the iconic Iris Apfel with these thick round frames!

Remembering Carl ❤️ #everlastingsoul #everlastinglove

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Whatever style you choose, there are a pair of glasses to match. From dressing up to chilling out, there’s a variety of ways to add a little bit of vintage to your look. Starting with a new pair of frames means you can dress to suit them – cat-eye, round or oversized, there’s a look for them all.


Want to learn more? Read up about the history of eye wear.


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