The Return of the 90’s: Retro Round Shades & Prescription Glasses

Nineties fashion is having a moment right now. It may seem like just yesterday (for some of us anyway…), but the look has made a huge comeback in 2015 and is set to remain big in 2016 too. From clothing to accessories, everyone’s rocking the retro look from just two decades ago like it never went out of fashion.

The nineties look was defined by a mix of styles, from grungy checked shirts, Doc Martens and disheveled denim jackets inspired by Kurt Cobain to crimped hair, platform trainers and babydoll dresses ala the Spice Girls. And don’t forget those amazing skirt suits and knee socks that Cher Horowitz rocked in Clueless. However, no nineties look was complete without the hottest style of specs of the era. Forget cat eye glasses and over-sized shades…90’s inspired retro eyewear is all about one style – the round frame. Whether it’s a pair of metal-framed prescription glasses or mirrored shades, nothing screams nineties quite like a pair of circular specs.

Here are some of the best retro-inspired glasses available at SelectSpecs. Pair them with a plaid shirt and a choker necklace to totally nail that nineties look.

Round Metal Frames
Infinity M8201

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Other decades are defined by statement glasses with bold shapes and fancy frames but in the 90’s, things we’re a little simpler. Round glasses were in, and specs tended to be made from metal with thin frames. The Infinity M8201 prescription glasses are classically nineties, featuring circular frames in silver or black. Update this look for the modern day with a top knot and a pair of boyfriend jeans or wear them with a luxe suede jacket like Kendall Jenner.

Small Oval Specs

Rodenstock R2288

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For an instant nineties revival, all you need is a pair of glasses like the Rodenstock R2288. Similar to the round metal frames above, these specs are smaller with more oval-shaped frames which was a hugely popular look in the decade. Typical 90’s styles often featured coloured tinted lenses, but clear lenses give these glasses a contemporary update.

Mirrored Shades

Ray Ban RB3447

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It doesn’t get more nineties than a pair of round framed sunglasses with mirrored lenses. This style was huge back in the day and was pretty much the coolest style of eyewear to be seen in. Round shades have become one of the biggest eyewear trends of 2015 too, with celebs such as Beyonce, Cara Delevingne and Behati Prinsloo (below) regularly spotted in them. The Ray Ban RB3447 shades are an easy way to get the retro look, with gold circular frames and blue mirrored lenses.

#DoubleVision. OVERRRR NYC traffic selfie A photo posted by Behati Prinsloo Levine (@behatiprinsloo) on

Dark Sunglasses


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Noel Gallagher was a fan of dark-lensed round sunglasses in his heyday and was famously pictured wearing a pair in the video for Wonderwall. Julia Roberts also sported a similar pair in that famous picnic scene in Pretty Woman. If you love the rock and roll look or want to add a touch of 90’s style to an outfit, check out the Oxydo 1088/S sunglasses. These cool specs feature black frames and round black lenses for that vintage edge that’s still chic today.

While a full 90’s-inspired ensemble may be a little too out there, retro round glasses are perfect for adding a subtle and sophisticated nineties nod to a contemporary outfit.

So what do you think of the nineties eyewear revival? Do you love retro fashion or do you think the looks from this decade should stay in the past? Let us know your favourite 90’s look in the comments section below.

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