The Ultimate Hygge Fashion Guide for Women

Hygge fashion for women

Hygge style is perfect for your winter wardrobe. Think comfort, not complicated. Cosy, not cold. Cool, but never curated. The concept of hygge is not just a trend. For the chic Copenhagen crowd, it’s a way of life. Pronounced “HUE-gah”, this word essentially means the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

This could be seeing friends and family, curling up by the fire with your favourite hot drink, reading an inspiring book, or snuggling up in your softest knitwear for a quiet night in. If you want to do like the Danes, here are some top tips for achieving fashion hygge for your winter wardrobe…

1. Love knitted

Knitwear is very hygge. It’s comfortable, cosy and perfect for staying warm in winter time. Remember, hygge is about happiness and that means being practical at times. Because there’s nothing chic about shivering and teeth chattering when you’ve underestimated the weather. The Danish like to put their health, well being and personal comfort before looking good. As a result, the hygge style is utterly effortless.

2. Accessorise for the weather

Protection from the elements is essential in winter, and the Scandinavian way is to dress appropriately for the weather. Wrapping up warm is key; a scarf to beat the winds, a hat to keep your head toasty, and a pair of gloves to prevent sensitive skin from cracking.

hygge style tips women

3. Protect your eyes

As well as protecting your skin from the dry winter air and wrapping up warm to shade yourself from the elements, it’s also important to protect your eyes. Winter glare can be a problem in snowy/icy conditions so wearing shades in all seasons is essential. At SelectSpecs, the new Hygge collection features a fantastic range of both prescription eyewear and sunglasses. The collection focuses on simple, sophisticated styles. Classic shapes that are never over-complicated. Colours that can be seamlessly styled with anything in your winter wardrobe. Shop now…

hygge sunglasses

Hygge Denmark 5010


4. Go for muted hues

Keep things hygge with muted tones and avoid the brights this AW season. If wearing all black isn’t your vibe, try mixing dark greys, navy hues, browns and deep plums instead. The key is to find subtle shading and a colour scheme that can blend into any situation, whether it’s a night at the pub or a coffee date with your best friend.

hygge fashion trend women

5. Ditch the heels

Hygge is all about comfort, so that means dressing down. Fort almost any occasion. In Danish cities like Copenhagen, there are very casual dress codes for bars and nightclubs. So comfy trainers and a smart/casual outfit is usually the ultimate look to go for. But if you still love a bit of height, replace your stilettos with a pair of cool ankle boots. Just as long as you’re comfortable (and happy), you’ll be totally hygge.

6. Buy Scandinavian brands

If you want to get the hygge look just right, shop for Scandinavian brands, such as Skaga. The brand originated from Småland in southern Sweden, but its collections are appreciated throughout Scandinavia. The eyewear range is created with skilled and genuine craftsmanship and features beautiful frames that are both stylish and practical. These Skaga 2467 CHARLIE are an on trend take on classic geek chic glasses…

hygge eyewear skaga Scandinavian glasses

Skaga 2467 CHARLIE


Love hygge style? Find out more about hygge fashion for men in our latest blog post, ‘The Ultimate Hygge Fashion Guide for Men‘.

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