The Best Theme Parks for Thrill Seekers

Summer is the ideal time to grab your mates, get in the car, and pay a visit to a theme park or two. With many theme parks only open in the summer, especially in the UK, you need to make the most of them now whilst you can!

We have compiled together some of the best and most extreme theme parks around the world which you really need to visit if you are a thrill seeker.

Pop them onto your future travel list now.


1. Six Flags Great America

Located in New Jersey in the USA, Six Flags Great America is home to some of the most extreme rides in the world.

Take the ‘El Toro’ ride, which is one of the fastest wooden roller coasters in the world with a top speed of 70 miles per hour, and also features one of the steepest drops of any wooden ride anywhere.

2. Alton Towers, England

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The largest and most extreme theme park in the UK, Alton Towers is home to several huge rides which have received acclaim from thrill seeks world wide.

The ride ‘Oblivion’ for example was the first roller coaster of its kind to feature a near vertical drop into a hole in the ground – also known as a ‘dive coaster.’

3. Cedar Point, USA

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Cedar Point is located in Ohio in the USA, and is known as an “adrenaline junkie’s paradise.”

It is home to seventeen different roller coasters, various water rides and a few children’s rides too!

The rides are pretty extreme.

One roller coaster called the ‘Gate Keeper’ is inspired by the power of flight, and breaks a total of seven different world records in relationship to speed and duration.

4. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, USA

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One of the most magical places in the world, Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a hotspot for thrill lovers and fairy tale lovers alike.

There are so many different rides of all shapes and sizes, so you will be kept amused for days.

You need to go on ‘The Tower of Terror.’

This classic ride is super extreme and definitely only for the very brave!

It is basically a fictional elevator, where riders are subjected to completely randomized, sudden and rapid drops.

Make sure you make like the ladies above and take a pair of sunglasses with you.

Orlando can get very hot and you need to be prepared.

Grab the Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses).

At only £10, these gorgeous and fashionable sunglasses are a complete bargain, so you won’t be too distraught if they fall off during an extreme coaster ride!

Savannah 8121 - Tortoise (Sunglasses)

Savannah 8121 – Tortoise (Sunglasses)

5. Schlitterbahn Water Park, USA

Summer [suhm-er] (noun): the hottest, coolest time of year—perfect for spending your days at Schlitterbahn ☀

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Schlitterbahn Water Parks in the USA are known as being the most extreme water parks in the world, and feature some spectacular water rides.

These include an uphill water coaster, near vertical slides, and even a super fast zip line over water!

Be sure to also ride the Monster Blaster, which is the tallest water coaster in the world.

You will experience pitch black tunnels which illuminate with a stunning light show and you will slide unfeasibly fast.


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