Twinning Style: Tia & Tamera Mowry

Tia and Tamera, who are twins in real life, hit the spotlight when they starred in the American sitcom Sister, Sister. Just to help you jog your memory a little, the show is about two girls who happen to be twins.

They were each given up for adoption at birth, shortly after their mother had died.

Accidentally reunited with each other 14 years later by chance at the shopping mall; since then they became inseparable.

Due to the success of the show, Tia and Tamera became recipients of many awards such the Kid’s Choice Awards, and several other nominations.

Moving on from Sister Sister, both appeared in Seventeen Again, The Hot Chick, Twitches, and Strong Medicine.

The twins starred in a reality show on the STYLE Network called Tia & Tamera.

They’ve also written a book titled Twintuition: Double Vision.

Sister, Sister

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Tia Mowry

After Sister, Sister, younger twin Tia, made several television appearances.

Appearing on multiple TV series such as The Game, Instant Mom, Fresh Beat Band of Spies, and Rosewood.

She landed a recurring role as Barbara Rutledge on ABC’s drama series Mistresses.  

The birth of her first child Cree inspired her to write a book called Oh, Baby.

The book combined with humor gives insight into issues women face after childbirth.

Tia was diagnosed with endometriosis following a health check in 2006.

The advice from her physician to clean up her diet led her to look at food differently.

She now has a cooking show titled Tia Mowry at home, where she offers suggestions on alternative safer sweets and a plant based diet.

In her book, Whole New You, she reveals her journey in dealing with the illness and provides all the resources she used.

She’s also married to Cory Hardrict and they have one child together.

Fun Office Attire

Everything about this outfit is simply beautiful.

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Tamera Mowry

Taking a different path from her sister, Tamera appeared on various reality series such as Cupcake Wars, Entertainment Tonight, Talking Dead, Cake Wars and Whose Line Is It Anyway?

At present she one of the co-hosts for The Real talk show.

She married to FOX News correspondent Adam Housley and they have two children.

Vibrant Romper

Just love the playful feel of this jumpsuit.

It becomes a safe option for an outing in the park where you’re more likely to be involved in some physical activity, even if that entails chasing the little ones around.

For a comfortable look, you can go for simple flat or gladiator sandals.

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