Top 10: Eyewear From Box Office Hits

Wondering what to do on a chilly Saturday evening? Why not spend it watching an edge-of-your-seat kind of movie (one that you haven’t already seen five times!).

To that aim, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent Box Office smashes to choose from, along with eyewear looks to throw on that’ll make you feel like part of the cast!

So curl up, get comfy, grab that tub of ice cream and read on for some filmspiration.

Darkest Hour

It will come as no surprise that this film is about Winston Churchill at the precipice of World War II, making the near-impossible decision of either a peace treaty with Nazi Germany or full-blown war.
This movie isn’t for the history buffs alone, as it is gripping and engaging enough for everyone! Get yourself some Tom Ford FT5490 Sir Churchill-inspired specs (but cuter), and press play.

Tom Ford FT5490


Yes, it is an animated movie, but no, it isn’t only for kids! We dare you not to get teary-eyed by the end of this Pixar epic. It isn’t at the top of the charts for nothing!
Miguel has been banned from the one thing he loves, music. In a twist of fate, he finds himself in the Land of the Dead, which is where these floral Dolce & Gabbana DG2173B sunnies come in, symbolizing the vitality of life in contrast, within Mexican culture.


Dolce & Gabbana DG2173B

Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The escaped Gladers’ final and most dangerous mission is here. A tale of friendship, and of course, mazes, and finally getting the answers you have been waiting for if you are a fan of this trilogy.

Get that edgy futuristic feel with these Tom Ford FT0570 sunglasses. Not only are they fit for an ex-glader, the are trending in the real world too!

Tom Ford FT0570

The Greatest Showman

An original sing-along musical, that tells the story of a visionary showman, thus The Greatest Showman. A story about being your true self, warts and all, and letting your freak flag fly high.

What better way to embrace the quirky side of yourself than with some statement sunnies! These Prada PR 07TS are a colourful, elaborate option.

Prada PR 07TS

Early Man

Another animation movie, this time about the bronze age, and the courageous cave man who attempts to save his tribe from a fate of servitude.

These ‘pre-wheel’ angular Fendi FF 0152/S shades are the perfect power play for all the champions out there, prehistoric or otherwise!

Fendi FF 0152/S

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 The Post

Bring on the girl power – this movie is about the first female publisher of a major American newspaper, the Washington Post.

Competing with rival papers and ultimately striving towards what all journalists aspire to, uncovering the truth and bringing it to light, even if it means risking everything.

Channel this #girlboss in Lui Jo LJ2686R specs, and uncover some truths of your own.

Lui Jo LJ2686R

 Three Billboards Outside Of Ebbing Missouri

A moving tale about a frustrated and desperate mother, making a bold move in search of justice for her child and starting a feud with the men in blue, with three painted billboards.

Get this small town heroine’s look with these Monsieur 101/F 80’s reminiscent glasses, and be inspired to stand up for what you believe in too.

Monsieur 101/F

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Four teens enter the jungle Jumanji world, as what they thought was just a game, becomes very real. They must go up against challenges and survive to return home, facing not only their greatest fears but themselves.

Embrace your wild side in these Miu Miu MU 08RS sunglasses, and conquer your own demons while you’re at it.

Miu Miu MU 08RS


A film that presents an ingenious solution to overpopulation – making people smaller. Make the choice to live the small life and get a myriad of perks, but also get a couple of adventures thrown in! Where do we sign up?
While these Dragon DR POST UP ION sunglasses may be average sized, they are the perfect pair to kick back and relax in or go on your next adventure.



Set in medieval India, Padmaavat is the tale of a queen’s beauty and a sultan’s obsession. Of course, several wars ensue as a result, and tragedy strikes.

No spoilers here though, just beautifully intricate golden Dolce & Gabbana DG2177 sunglasses. Wearer beware – these will definitely turn heads, in the best way possible!

Dolce & Gabbana DG2177

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